Bizaraks and Ramaxian Alcohol

Enjoying alcoholic beverages in Ramaxia began at the bizarak (see below), a crowded party where Bizaki congregate after work for mutual enjoyment.

Creating alcoholic drinks started with the Second Gen, when brewers, maltsters, and distillers, brought concoctions made from items scavenged between the poles, to the bizaraks. In the era of the Fifth Gen, bottled drinks made from Ramaxian-grown grains and fruit became available in Citbluz, Garden Clubs, and Hizix Bars, acquired from the local bizaraks by enterprising Subaki. Today, alcohol is available in most eateries, and for purchase at the market.

Staple Alcoholic Beverages:

  • Tric (trictan beer)
  • Bix (itabix beer)
  • Tirg (tigoz beer)
  • Keltol (keltavi wine)
  • Nux (nux wine)
  • Gabishi (gabishol wine)
  • Paluxi (palux wine)
  • Patokul (distilled patotok)
  • Bozkul (distilled boz)
  • Keltkul (distilled keltavi)


Named for the first Bizaki miners on the Artery, Bizaraks often take place beneath the ice and are generation-exclusive, with attendance limited to word of mouth. Larger bizaraks (with over a hundred attendees) occur during or after sporting events when Bizaki of multi-generations come together at the Fairgrounds.

Bizaraks feature pikavel freestyle-femvalaki poets, dancing, and alcohol; these loud parties occur around rivers, where the sheet ice above is most thick, and the acoustics are desirable. The music and alcohol draw in Zaxiri, and it is one of the few social situations where Zaxiri and Bizaki, come together. An involved or bonded Subak will attend a bizarak only with her Bizaki partners, but rarely alone as Bizaki are romantically territorial when it comes to Subaki.

Bizaraks that occur on the surface retain the socializing, music, and alcohol, but revolve around transport culture. Makeshift races, relays, and flats-rallies dominate the surface bizarak scene, but the most popular remains glide-plowing, illegal under Ramaxian Law. Glide-Plows attract a high number of Marixi; and among the Eleventh Gen, Subaki immune to surface-sickness are regular fixtures at surface bizaraks, creating one of the few instances wherein Subaki and Marixi can socialize.

Glide-Plowing is a dangerous tradition where the operator oversteers, causing loss of traction in the rear kyrs-exhaust that spins the glider in a circle and kicks up snow; Bizaki operators slip from from the operator-seat to “ride” the continuous spin. If a larger BK Glide is “plowing”, then others will hop on for a “ride”. Glide-Plowing gets its name from the holes created in the pack snow from the spinning transports. 

Femarctic Eating Habits

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