Literature in Ramaxia

The femmar are a paperless society and have been since their awakening in 2022. The Femaki’xirpaxul housed an abundant amount of Femati literature, and after the purging of helovx from the continent, the Femaki’xirpaxul acquired their computers, stolen from razed bases.

Connecting to their satellites, the Femaki’xirpaxul collected over a thousand helovx pre-impact databases that are today on file in the Femaxi-Helovxi Collective (Femarctic Museum of the Helovxul, in Vanda). They include AGRIS, the Royal Society of Chemistry, Royal Anthropological Institute, Arachne, ATLA, Bioinformatic Harvester, Books In Print, GENESIS, Indian Citation Index, JSTOR: Journal Storage, Mendeley, and POPLINE.

Literature began as educational publications distributed on flexible, transparent handhelds called Odux. The first series of odux, created by Bizak subject Dizukel and designed by her Hizak bond Yulitat, included manuals and instructional texts for the first Bizaki and Hizaki. Odux displays were flat panels with light-emitting diodes, similar to those that debuted in helovx-society, the year of the Eros Impact.

Axico Readers were introduced in 2075, and have since evolved over the generations to hold one book or thousands. Starting as small thin tharspin units capable of a holographic interface via light-emitting diodes, the first series enabled donational age citizens of the Second Gen to keep not only educational materials but also the first fictional entertainment. Axico became more streamlined in the era of the Fifth Gen as various forms of literature came to prominence like novels, poetry, short stories, academic journals, scripts, and graphic novels.

Sales of axico declined with the advent of the Bivelox, allowing users access to literature without the need for an handheld axico. The release of the Outreach stick allowed users to migrate literature acquired on their Bivs, to the first handheld Filmarks. Despite the Filmark’s usage as a primary device for handheld digital content, axico have made a comeback as a specialty collector’s item.

The most popular genres of literature remain Suvagol (Science Fiction), Axukigol (horror), and Haxigol (humor).

  • Genres of Ramaxian Literature

    • Guardiagol (Crime/Detective)
    • Barkagol (Animals/Anthropomorphic)
    • Suvagol (Science Fiction)
    • Waxagol (Romance)
    • Fimagol (Magic/fantasy)
    • Citigol (stories by citizens, based on film/music/games/BEB shows)
    • Uxiligol* (biography/historically accurate)
    • Uxaligol (biography/historical fiction)
    • Zakigol (caste-centric)
    • Axukigol (horror)
    • Haxigol (humor)
    • Ardiagol (Mystery)
    • Fematigol (Mythology)
    • Helovigol (Humans)
    • Hadigol (parody)
    • Cloistigol (political)

Since the era of the Fifth Gen, uxiligol, academic and historical works, undersold among the citizenry so much that uxiligol ceased being sold in the citizenry market until 2208, with the release of Maker-Killer: Inside the Mind of Femaki’xirpaxul (Mynu Publications). Maker-Killer was a well-researched history of the Femaki’xirpaxul’s time with the femmar and was told entirely from the life-forms perspective. Written by Tenth Gen academic Sofita Kul, the work was sold outside of Mynu through Utama publisher Gizulaxico and remains one of the most-read uxiligol in Ramaxian history.

Best Selling Axico of all Time – based on first-year sales

  • Maker-Killer: Inside the Mind of Femati’xirpaxul (uxiligol/2208)
    • -Doctor Sofita Kul (Mynu Publications) (Gizulaxico) – Sales: 1.8 million
  • They Died with Dignity: Covering the Suicides (uxiligol/2210)
    • Koba Julo (Gizulaxico) – Sales: 1.2 million
  • Subaki Toys (zakigol-uxiligol/2227)
    • – Tavo Ex (Gizulaxico) Sales: 952,000 (at time of distribution ban)
  • I Would Kill Them All… (waxigol-uxaligol/2210)
    • Atik Polvix (Irabixaxico – Vanda) – Sales: 902,000
  • Up On The Ice (uxiligol/2212)
    • -Doctor Sofita Kul (Mynu Publications) (Gizulaxico) – Sales: 852,000
  • Does My Girz Look Big With This Hair? (haxigol-zakigol/2216)
    • – Advocate Vaniaz Dag (Hadofus – Vanda) – Sales: 742,000
  • Tharso Rising (suvagol/2226)
    • – Wid Holix (Irabixaxico – Pikalit) – Sales: 708,000
  • Thawing Me Won’t Make You Icy (uxiligol/2214)
    • Ilo Cux (Gizulaxico) – Sales: 688,000

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