Digicast: Ramaxian Film

Digital-casts (film) and digicasting (filmmaking) became an industry in the era of the Fifth Gen. The art of replicating and communicating experiences using recorded images came to prominence with the creation of the handheld Digicax (digital recording camera) in 2024, by Kulat Dox, a Bizak engineer working for Ukel Systems. Feature films were born of this technology, as was recorded content for broadcast by the Bizaki Entertainment Bureau.

During the donational years of the Fifth Gen, enclosed theaters called Digicast Halls, sprung up featuring content displayed on large scaled down versions of the massive Digicaster Playback Units designed for the Fairgrounds. A Digicast Hall in Ramaxia is similar to movie theaters operated by pre-impact helovx, in the 20th and 21st centuries. There are currently five Digicast Hall’s per Prime-Dome (barring Orta and Mynu), and two in Utama.

Despite its origins at Ukel Systems, the digicasting process became revolutionized by the creation of the Digimar, a wearable recorder made available to digicast creators in 2212, from Fusat Brigitat, of Brigitat Digitronics. Material created with the Digimar could be recorded and streamed instantly, to Maruk and BEBBLE devices without being processed by BEB centers in Pikalit.

Regulation by CM Tee Banto forced changes in the Digimar’s broadcasting processes, and in retaliation for such a restriction, Ukel Systems joined forces with Brigitat Digitronics and released their new Filmark devices capable of instant sync with Digimar units, allowing for direct broadcast of recorded material, to the interHive.

Digicast Genres:

  • Guardiauk (Crime/Detective)
  • Barkauk (Animals/Anthropomorphic)
  • Suvauk (Science Fiction)
  • Felauk (Magic/fantasy)
  • Uxaliuk (biography)
  • Uxiliuk (historical)
  • Femkiuk (caste-centric)
  • Axukiuk (horror)
  • Hadaxiuk (humor)
  • Ardiauk (Mystery)
  • Fematiuk (Mythology)
  • Heloviuk (Humans)
  • Hadiuk (parody)
  • Cloistiuk (political)
  • Filmarkiuk (reality)
  • Bebiuk (talk-shows)
  • Ramaxiuk (true stories)