Subati Suit


The subati is a signature two-piece suit worn exclusively by Subaki. Original Bizak Ilogwo produced the first subati from designs housed in the Femakixirpaxul.

In the era of the Second-Gen, Subaki worked in donational-care and with ailing citizens, prompting manufacturers to create subati in sanitary cloth. The current subati suit still includes drawstring pants that flare about the calves and a short-sleeve shirt. Suits also come with matching waist-length long-sleeved jackets that lack lapels, and stockinette cuffs. Uniform subati suits exist in the medical field (where Subaki labor is most concentrated) and in the foodapaxo industry, with matching cloth caps designed to cover the Subaki suzuk (braids).

Subaki never appear in public without their hair braided. The most common suzuk is a flat, solid, three-stranded design called the Pikzuk. The Utazuk is an elaborate updo style of weaving worn for formal occasions, while the Toxuk is a loose, messy braid that begins near the crown of the head moving down toward the nape of the neck. The Vanzuk style is the most time-consuming and woven at Garden Clubs for Subak that can afford them. The Vanzuk applies many intricate rows braided very close to the scalp in simple, straight lines, or complex curvilinear patterns.

In the era of the Tenth Gen, after a large number of Subaki entered the workforce outside traditional medical and food service, subati suits became more fashionable and iconic*. Retaining a simple form, they were sold in a variety of patterns, colors, and materials, and tailored for unique vocations. The career styles evolved further when Subaki in the Eleventh-Gen were medically cleared to find employ in surface fields. Subati lines now cater to Cloister Advocacy, and Surface Operational, as well as militaristic styles for service in World Oceans.

*In the era of the Ninth Gen, the subati suit became erotized as demand for sexually revealing designs emerged from the Zaxiri in the bluzsh industry. Bluzabati remain frowned upon by many Subaki in the Ninth and Tenth Gens, but in the era of the Eleventh, retail sales have surged among this gen’s Subaki.

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