Bizafem Wear

Bizafem is a comfortable loungewear (shoes, shorts, pants, leggings, tunic tops, and hoodies) that can be worn beneath the jumpsuits and overalls native to Bizaki vocational fashion. Bizafem items are made of jaxol (cotton) or jaxfu (fleece) fiber and are designed to be mixed and matched because layering is a common practice among the thin Bizaki.

A staple garment is the bizbat. Similar to the romper worn by newborns when they’re brought home from the birthing center, bizbat’s are adult sized one-piece outfits with long sleeves and legs. Bizbat’s are easy to launder, and convenient as they come with a gurx-flap, for gape use. Another staple is the gursix (panty), made of breathable jaxol it is worn about the pelvis and buttocks, covering the gashcol and gurxul, and fastening at the crotch for removal during gapirx use. Bizaki do not wear suzsch-support garments, as they have the smallest suzsch of any caste.

Bizafem accessories include suspenders, snaps, and belts, along with open-front tunics and long open-front vests, typically made of imitation fuxol (bear) fur and imitation zatuxo (pig) leather. The agitz (hair tie) is common among all Bizaki. Available in hundreds of colors and styles, agitz are used to fasten long hair away from the face and off the shoulders.

The most celebrated piece of Bizafem is the bapurg. Bapurgs, or baps, is a form of footwear with a flexible sole made of slip resistant yoxik (rubber) and an upper part made of synthetic zatuxo (leather). Unlike the bapurgols (work boots) worn by laboring Bizaki, citizenry-market baps come in a variety of styles and brands. Bizaki of means will purchase different baps for a variety of pursuits; bizarak functions, transport gliding, pikavel shows, square garden socials, and sporting events.


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