Fashion and Beauty


Clothing made from the first textiles protected the original subjects from the elements. It did not insulate against cold or hot conditions but it provided a barrier between the hide and the environment. In modern Ramaxia, cosmetic appearance and clothing have evolved in large because of social and vocational considerations.

Clothing types remain caste-specific, but there is no rule stating a citizen must conform to any fashion standard based on their caste designation. Individualized fashion is an institution among Hizaki, while uniformity and occupational wear define the wardrobe of the Bizaki, and to a lesser extent, Subaki. The off-duty style employed by Marixi borrows from the sleek, and sheer frocks made for Zaxiri; both castes prefer clothes that are easy to remove. A movement to return to the nudity first incorporated by the original-six and the shored was born in the era of the Eleventh Gen; these ‘Sixers‘ spend their private time without clothing. There are over a thousand avowed Sixers in Ramaxia, and a majority of them are Zaxiri and Bizaki.

Fashion & Beauty Bixat (Textiles)