Practice of Bizarix

Bizarix are forms of low-impact calisthenics used exclusively by Bizaki that involves holding stretches as a means of mental and physical therapy. Arixi Halls and Yards are areas devoted group meditation, breathing, and mental relaxation routines. The meditative and physical aspects of bizarix similar to the hatha yoga employed by helovx due to its aiding Bizaki in pain management and stress.

Subaki and Zaxiri do not partake in bizarix as the stretching techniques pose a risk of injury to larger and less agile, bodies. These caste are also not prone to excessive levels of high physical stress. Hizaki use a less physical yet more intense meditative therapy called internal-vision to mentally escape to a place in their past; Zaxiri will employ a smiliar technique when their bodies are in great pain, such as when laboring to deliver a donation. Marixi engage in a low-threshold form of arixi before running, swimming, or weight training, but mediation is not something Marixi are naturally inclined to do.

Dararix is employed by all Bizaki at day-rise (hence its name) and at day-fall (if one’s vocation is in the evening) and is a fluid movement-intensive bizarix designed to loosen the body and relax the mind in preparation for the work day.

Bixari is a rigorous style of bizarix that follows a particular sequence of postures linked by controlled breathing. It is a physically intensive routine that works up a sweat and is designed to keep those Bizaki working in administrative fields physically fit.

Jaxirix is a form of bizarix that involves performing stretches in a suspended jaxib sling or a modifiable supportive sling with handles. It is designed to increase the thoracic spine flexibility of those working in the water, at high elevations, and with vocations in zero-gravity conditions.

Though not physically intensive, lightweight Bizaki working in the tundra winds on the surface face physically taxing conditions. Ramixi is an intricate style of bizarix designed to aid surface Bizaki in maintaining proper alignment, using blocks, straps, chairs, and bolsters to strengthen body alignment.