Ilitux (eel-ee-toks) is an enlargement of the basolateral nuclei of amygdala found in the brains of marixi whose birthers are their makodonic makers and whose kermatic patches come from Hizaki carrying an unaltered FBH5 gene.

Marixi born with ilitux aren’t any different from those born without it, until they reach the age of thirteen when their cautiousness and empathy interfere with caste training in Orta. Ilitux carriers, barred from entering a Brood, are placed in the care of the Guardia Training Center.

Typically the FBH5 gene, when passed down to offspring by a kermatic maker, fuses with the FBH genes 1 through 4 that are supplied by their makodonic maker. This creates polygenic traits that determine hide color. Hizak with a marixi as their kermatic maker sometimes inherit their FBH5 un-fused, with no part of their makodonic makers FBH 1-4 within it.

  • If an FBH5-Pure hizak carrier produces a marix born of a Zaxir with no relation to her or the makodonic maker, the marixidoe’s inherited FBH5-Pure will not be affected by its birther’s genetics, fusing naturally with its makodonic maker’s FBH 1-4 during the pre-implantation phase of development.
  • If an FBH5-Pure hizak carrier produces a marix born of a Zaxir that is also the newborn’s makodonic maker, her FBH5-Pure immediately fuses with the zaxir’s FBH4 genes post implantation, causing the development of an additional TRX gene not native to the warrior-caste.

The TRX series of genes are responsible for the development of the brain, and subset TRX2 is standard in all marixi; the warrior caste lack the TRX3 gene found in every other caste.

    • A Marixidoe created from the patch of an hizak with an inherited and intact FBH5 is born with a TRX3 gene.

A marix with a 3rd-class TRX gene develops larger than normal basolateral nuclei of the amygdala; this enlargement leads to a heightened fear response and the development of natural-born empathy.

The Ilitux Scandal

In 2207, then low-level patch designers Hib Perkad (Zaxir) and Yulata Gizul (Subak) discovered that an elemental genome transition in an Ornith construct called Orny was similar to the evolution that naturally determined caste-designation in fertilized donuxi. The pair presented their finding to donuxi engineer Iket Tabi (Hizak) and then head of genetic development at the Prime Lab, Fyla Uym (Bizak). Uym isolated the transitional formula, allowing Tabi to implement the transition in the first series of patch-recombination schematics supplied by hive Oligax. The result was the Eleventh Ramaxian Gen being the first produced with equal caste outputs. Perkad and Gizul’s accomplishment would be overshadowed by the Ilitux Scandal that would later cost the Zaxiri College and Subaki Services, their autonomy.

In 2211, Oligax found a pattern of donuxal stage Marixi forming 3rd-class TRX genes, late in the second-year implantation process. Notification of her findings led to an investigation of the District Design Center at the Zaxiri College, by Fifth Officer of the Committee, Wox Dag. Evidence revealed that five primada level Zaxiri patch-designers were responsible for manually pulling FBH5 carrier patches from Hizaki in blind inventories, and fusing them with the patches of Zaxiri scheduled to birth the donations they’d given their makodonic patches to create. No charges were ever filed against the Zaxiri involved but the Generational Production Department soon acquired administrative control of the Zaxiri College, later that year. Despite repeated denials of any intentional patch manipulation, the Eleventh Gen has the largest population of Marixi with functional ilitux transitioned to the Citizen’s Guard.

(How the Fifth Office Captured the Zaxiri College)
Koba Julo Reporting: Pikalit Daily Special Report
Pikalit Showcast – Airdate 2210