Hizaxikogatix (hiss-aks-kroh-got-iks) is the condition of color-blindness that exists in every Hizaki.

It occurs due to the absence of the FKO1G1, and FKA1X1 genes; the required proteins produced from these genes enable color vision. Gene therapy could not be incorporated in the patch design phase because caste-designation was not something geneticists could determine until donuxi form; this changed with the production of the Eleventh Gen. Research has been enacted to eradicate hizaxikogatix in anticipation of a Twelfth Ramaxian Generation.

Attempts to create one or both genes post-fertilization has resulted in the natural morphing of the KGO1 gene or the spontaneous morphing of KGO2 gene. The former is responsible for making the enzyme necessary for normal vision (low light/night vision), and the latter makes the protein needed for light-detecting cells called cones (cones provide vision in bright light). Each donuxal phase gene therapies has led to the birth of blind Hizakidoe.

A heralded surgical technique employed to correct Hizaxikogatix occured in 2218. Surgeons attempted to replace the optical nerves of Hizaki carriers with those of non-Hizak citizen’s. These ocular-replacements caused instantaneous bio-decay of retinal ganglion cell axons. When this decay occurred (due to Hizaki cranial nerves rejecting the foreign tissue), the brain entered an unresponsive state (womb dream).

One notable trial participant was then Prime Chair of Ukel Systems, Iba Ukel. While in womb-dream, Ukel developed an orbital socket injection and in 2220, Ukel’s pod chose to cease life-support functions.

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