Fematicolixa (fem-at-ee-kol-iks-ah) [curable] is a form oxygen intoxication affecting Subaki born with congenital fematcolx, a genetic condition found in the lungs of many Subaki. Fematicolixa occurres if fematcolxic Subak remain on the surface for more than twenty-two hours; oxygen intoxication leads to complete respiratory failure.

Subaki lungs contain the tiniest alveoli of any caste, and those born with fematcolx are born with even smaller alveoli. Early attempts to engineer Subaki with the lungs found in Zaxiri resulted in central-nervous-system failure in Subakidoe. Over eighty percent of Subaki are born with fematcolx, making the caste prone to systemic fematicolixa (helovx word – hyperoxia), a condition inherited from the ancient Femati.

In 2210, Velto Wram, then Citizenry Representative of East Toxis, pushed through legislation that allowed for the disbursement of the Subcolax Corrective. Created by Sixth-Gen genome-virologist Yam Polvix, the serum remained unproduced due to generational politics between Sixth and Ninth Gen members of the Prime Lab. Dr. Polvix long dead, Wram ordered the serum’s revival after a donation birthed by Wram’s bond-partner Ilo Cux, for Subak celebrity Yam Julo, succumbed to fematicolixa, two weeks after arriving to live with her pod in Antarctica City. The serum enters the lungs of newly born Subaki and remains dormant until a significant amount of oxygen is inhaled to enable the Corrective to expand and contract the malformed alveoli. Administered as a vaccine to every affected Subak born in 2210, the success of the Subcolax Corrective led to the disbursement to all fematcolxic Subaki born in 2211.

The Subcolax Corrective has allowed a significant portion of Eleventh-Gen Subaki to acquire positions in Surface Operational (including first test subject, Doka Gil, donation of Sernatae-Second Ixo Gizul and clerical-advisor to the Ambassador Prime, Pitana Dag). Eleventh-Gen Subak now serve on bases between the poles, and have brought attendance up exponentially at surface sporting events. In 2225, a congenital serum called Subcolax Secondary was developed to treat elder Subaki; only fifty-seven percent the affected Subak population chose inoculation, all of them Tenth Gen citizens.