Axiboxis (aksee-bok-sis) [now obsolete] was a post evolutionary-fitness mental disorder that afflicted Zaxiri with marked periods of inconsistent emotional behavior, and an inability to rationalize. Episodic conditions occurred in 3-day clusters, every twenty-five days, with no set cycle to predict when a three-day episode would happen. The risk of suicide among axiboxical Zaxiri was high, and those afflicted often engaged in self-harm or took part in activities that put them in life-threatening situations.

Believed to have originated with Zaxiri of the Fifth Gen, axiboxis remained undiagnosed due to its manic symptoms being similar to the hyper practices native to Zaxiri. Recognized core behaviors revolved around hibernation and an inability to maintain eye contact with others.

Genetic research began after the core behaviors of axiboxis displayed in only a small percentage of Sixth Gen Zaxir (found only in those born of makers afflicted in the Fifth) but were abnormally high in Ninth Gen Zaxiri. Tests concluded that heterogeneity was the cause, with different genes implicated in various families. The risk of axiboxis was greater among first-degree relatives, and that advanced makadonic age (of birther and maker) increased the chance of axiboxis, exponentially. Studies on Subaki born of afflicted Zaxiri (that were also their makodonic makers) found that Subaki born with the same gene mutations responsible for axiboxis were holders of an additional gene that Zaxiri sufferers lacked; a 3rd-class Suzax Gene.

There are two classes of Suzax Genes found in Subaki and Zaxiri. SBZX-1 and SBZX-2 control the production and disbursement of a specialized suzixcol (serotonin) native to the processes of birth and donational rearing. Axiboxical Zaxiri and Subaki have mutated SBZX-1 genes, but axiboxical Subaki developed an SBZX-3 gene to counter the mutation.

In 2208, a Tenth Gen donuxal-geneticist named Itek Tabi replicated the SBZX-3 and placed it within the donuxi of axiboxical Zaxiri birthing donations from their makodonic patch. The gene therapy was a success; there are no Zaxiri in the Eleventh Gen born with the gene mutations that cause axiboxis.