Wox (Banto) Dag (woks | dag) is Committee Member the Fifth of Ramaxia, and is a scheduled citizen of the Ninth Ramaxian Generation, born in 2162, design Bizak. Dag is also an honorary member of RIO and serves as co-chair of Project Ramarixicon.

After graduating the Mynu School of Zaxiri Medicine in 2180, Wox Banto acquired a position in the Pikalit Triad’s central Zaxiri Health Center. While there she developed a muscle-alteration treatment that strengthened the makodux, to allow for the safe delivery of donations, by pregnant citizens outside the Zaxiri caste. The Banto Sealer never made the citizenry-market, as it was banned by the then Fifth Officer, Opix Uym. The treatment was impressive, and Opix Uym rewarded the young Bizak physician with an appointment to the Generational Production Department, in 2182, as a Prime Lab liaison from Pikalit.

Wox bonded in 2184 to Tenth Gen stellar-pilot Pita Dag (deceased) and officially took Dag’s name before becoming Secondary Chair of the GPD that same year; her bond also included Subak counselor Pel Ru, and Hizak politician, Rasa Jyr. After the death of Pita Dag, Wox broke her bond with Jyr and Ru, and had herself implanted with the donux created from she and Pita Dag’s patch; using her Banto Sealer, Wox safely delivered the donation, and was subsequently cited for violating the ethics of her office. Suspended from the GPD, Wox Dag took refuge in Orta during the Yulitat Coup, and ascended to Fifth Office of the Committee in 2187. Dag’s tenure saw the nationalization of the Generational Production Department, separating it from the Prime Lab. Dag is also responsible for authoring the Balanced Citizenry Act, and effectively ending the Free-Birth Era.

Dag is a scheduled donation of former Sixth Gen Committee Member J’lo Banto, and one of her spouses, Subak actress, Gol Tabi; her siblings are scheduled Hizaki Tee Banto and Sofita Dag (deceased), Zaxiri Rixi Tabi (deceased) and Uta Ikat, and Marix Pentox Tabi. Dag gave birth to her own genetic heir, Pitana Dag, after being implanted in 2185.