Velto Wram (vel-tow | ram) is the owner and former Prime Chair of Wram Constructs now serving the Office of Helovx Advocacy as the Ambassador to the Slavic Empire.

Velto Wram is a scheduled citizen of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen, design Bizak, born in 2185. Velto is the donation of Committee Member the Second, Lekada Wram. Velto’s siblings are officer Zixas Wram, a Marix coded genetically to serve as the back-up Primary in Wait, killed during an Orta combat trial in 2224, and Zaxir Rez Polvix, owner of the Rezolution Citizen Bluzsh in Utama. Velto’s birther was also her mako, Ninth-Gen Subak Hal Wiv; Hal committed suicide with an overdose of saline in 2195.

A Mynu-educated biochemist, Wram designed a protein resequencing code that revolutionized manufacturing and food service, just a year after earning her doctorate in bioengineering. Wram stepped down from her position at Wram Constructs in 2210 to serve as Citizenry-Representative of East Toxis. Social work marks her political career; Wram introduced strict Citizen’s Bluzsh legislation that placed ownership of the establishments back into the hands of the Zaxiri and requiring, by law, that every location house an adequate number of hygiene-units. Wram also funded the Subacolax Corrective, a serum for Subaki born with congenital fematcolx.

Velto Wram is best known in popular culture for her bond to Ramaxia’s most popular Prime-Citizen, Ilo Cux, and the now deceased Fusada Kul*, heir of the Primary. Velto has no known donations to the citizenry, though Ilo Cux gave birth to four donations, registered by hive Oligax. After Fusada Kul’s death in 2212, Ilo Cux admitted to being a waxamist, putting considerable pressure on Wram to exit political office. Velto returned to Wram Constructs in 2215, operating in absentia to serve the Office of Helovx Advocacy in 2227 as an advisory ambassador to helovx-nations utilizing the latest version of her processor.