Tee Banto ( t-ee | ban-toh) is the current Committee Member the Fourth of Ramaxia, and is a scheduled citizen of the Ninth Ramaxian Generation, born in 2162, design Hizak.

no_image_available_3After graduating Mynu with a doctorate in Caster-Engineering, Tee acquired a position at Ukel Systems, in Vanda. In 2181 she created the Caster-Board, a small unit capable of holding large amounts of signal information. Her invention was opted by the Bizaki Entertainment Bureau, and Tee was made Administrative Chair over a new line of digital-programming. Under her tenure, she was part of the team that created and implemented the BEBBLE; the device was given to every Bizaki household in Ramaxia.

Tee Banto ascended to the position of Fourth Officer following the Yulitat Coup and the death of Sofita Dag (from an ocular infection), the Hizak primary heir to the position.  Upon ascension in 2187, Tee Banto controlled Ramaxia’s technology disbursement, transport operations, and regulated media production. As the Fourth Office of the Committee, CM Banto has been at legal odds with tech mavens of the Tenth, and free-speech advocates of the Eleventh. Banto’s career is marked by her intense campaign to govern the interHive, but no lifeform of the Collective can ever be under the control any Ruling Generational office or entity.

Tee is a scheduled donation born to Sixth Gen Hizak Committee Member, J’lo Banto, and her Subak bond partner Gol Tabi (of Clan Tabi); she was birthed by Zaxiri Jezat Uym. Tee had two bond-partners, her secondary bond, Olohix Pux, a scheduled Ninth Gen, design Zaxir, delivered Gen-Heir Eppis Banto, created with Tee’s primary-bond, Debo Tol, (of House Tol), a scheduled Ninth Gen Subak. Debo Tol accidentally drowned in the bathing pool at she and Banto’s estate, in 2195.