Sofita Kul (zo-fee-tah| kol) is a Promad in the Surface Operational Department of Ramaxian World Oceans. Kul serves in the Sorority of Defense as an operative of the Femitokon Division.

Sofita KulSofita Kul is a free-born citizen of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen, born 2185, design Hizak. Her official scheduled registration occurred on Ramx 14, 2186. Her kerma is listed* as Primary Fusa Kul because her sire is the deceased Fitax Kul, Fusa’s sibling and the male donation of former Primary, Ixo Kul. Her birther and maker is the deceased Fee Banto. Though not named as Primary Kul’s Gen-Heir, Sofita Kul is considered the genetic twin of dead Gen-Heir Fusada Kul. Sofita Kul has no bond-partners and no known donations to the citizenry.

In 2204, Kul earned doctorates in Governance and Law, Femati and Femarctic History, and Helovx Studies, with a focus on gender. As a postgraduate, she worked at the Mynu School of Marixi Studies, and in 2206 served in Marixi Administration, as an advocate.

In 2203, Kul authored an award-winning work on the Second-Ramaxian Generation, entitled Reapers of Ramaxicon. After Reapers, in 2208, Kul released her definitive work, Maker-Killer: Inside the Mind of Femaki’xirpaxul.

Kul resigned her position in Marixi Administration to serve the Generational Production Department in 2208 as an intern at the Male Retraining Center in Toxis Prime. After its closure by the Fifth Office, Kul became Prime of Mynu Administration and wrote Up On the Ice, published in 2212. A controversial work, Ice examined the complicated relationship between first twins Fusofitakil and Femitokon; the title’s release was overshadowed by the death of Kul’s sibling.

In 2213, Sofita Kul became the first Hizak to join World Oceans as a soldier; Kul remains the only Hizak to have made rank in the Polar Fleet by way of active service.