Ryo Uym (r-eye-oh | yoom) is the current Committee Member the First of Ramaxia and is a scheduled citizen of the Ninth Ramaxian Generation, born in 2162, design Hizak.

Uym graduated from the Ramaxian University of Citizenry Law and Advocacy, in 2182, during which she worked as an advocate in Orta defending Marixi accused of violent or sexual crimes against the Citizenry. After a short stint in Marixi Administration, Uym was elected Citizenry-Representative of Utama, upsetting the generational balance of the CR Chamber in 2183.

Uym gave up her seat in the final months of 2184, after lover Tavi Ukel jumped to her death from Uym’s highrise in Utama. The powerful Line Ukel brought charges against Uym prior for abusing the Bizak, Ukel, but an investigation cleared Uym when multiple witnesses testified that Uym and Ukel were involved in a consensually abusive relationship. Unemployed, Uym founded the law firm of Uym and Associates, and in 2185 tried her first case before the Orta Guardia Committee, defending friend Fusa Kul against charges of insubordination brought about by Primary Ixo Kul.

After Uym’s kerma, Committee Member Opix Uym, died during a transport accident, Ryo Uym ascended to her position, and in 2186, after the death of Primary Ixo Kul and her First Officer, K’no Wram, Uym negotiated the ascension of the Ninth Ramaxian Gen with surviving members of the Sixth Gen Committee. Uym ascended to the role of First Officer, in 2187.

Ryo Uym is the fourth donation of Sixth Gen Committee Member Opix Uym (Hizak). Ryo was birthed by her maker, Sixth Gen Zaxiri, Cyltiax Tol (of House Tol. One of Cyltiax’ Zaxir siblings, Vania, was also bonded to Opix Uym). Ryo lived in the Uym estate in Vanda with an older Bizak sibling (this sibling took her life during the Suicides, in 2208). Also residing in the home was a Marix sibling (she died during a Toob trial in Orta at the age of 14), and a younger Bizak sibling (she was raped and beaten to death by a Marix officer outside a bluzsh in Pikalit, in 2181). Ryo lived with Cyltiax and Opix Uym’s two other Zaxiri bonds (Seventh Gen’s), and because Ryo, and her sib Acuda, were born of the Sixth Gen Tol sisters, they were considered Ninth Ramaxian Gen. Ryo was Opix Uym’s genetic heir because Acuda (sent to live in a Caste-Center after her birther-maker Vania died, giving birth to her) had been born Subak. (Acuda had been collected by a pod assigned Greenland Hydrothermal, and succumbed to oxygen sickness on the journey back to Ramaxia for caste-training, at age of nine).

Ryo Uym has never taken bonds but is the registered kerma of two scheduled donations, Bizak prodigy Fyla Uym, and another Bizak, Orestes Uym. A third donation, an unregistered male, was discovered to be residing as a caste-off in Orta, in 2223. The male was turned over to the Femitokon Division after he attacked and killed Orestes Uym at the Primary’s estate in Utama.