Rasa Jyr (razz-ah | yeer) is Committee Member the Third of Ramaxia, and is a scheduled born citizen of the Ninth Ramaxian Generation, born in 2162, design Hizak.

Jyr graduated from the Ramaxian College of Stellar Sciences in 2179, and joined RIO as part of Project Suvaxicon (Saturn); she was on the team that designed the first series of long range ships bound for the moon Suvayul (Enceladus). Rasa completed her portion of the project in 2182 and followed her maker’s advice and ran for and won the Citizenry Representative seat of Pikalit Prime. While representing Pikalit, Rasa served as honorary co-chair of Project Ramarixicon, until 2186 when she unexpectedly ascended to the Committee ahead of her gen peers due to the death of her kerma, Committee Member Ilyu Jyr. Rasa ascended to her proper position on the Ninth Gen Committee in 2187, following the Yulitat Coup. As Third Office of the Committee, Rasa Jyr has overseen the ratification of off-world colonies, the administration of prefabrication technology, and the education and employment of a double-production (the Eleventh Gen).

Rasa was the second scheduled donation of Sixth Gen Committee member Ilyu Jyr, an Hizak citizen with dozens of young Subak and Zaxir lovers from the disenfranchised Seventh. Ilyu finally bonded during the Patch Wars to Sixth gen Zaxiri Critax Das (Seventh Gen) and Lax Gizul (Sixth Gen), Subaki Daka Ukel and Stybix Tegal (both Sixth) and Bizak Wido Nux (Seventh). Lax Gizul gave birth to Ilyu’s donation and heir, Rasa, who along with sibling Ryl (Hizak), were the only donations considered part of the Ninth scheduled production. Siblings Ruxo (Bizak), and Rixitat (Subak) are free-born citizens, born in 2161 & 2164, respectively. Due to Ilyu’s numerous indiscretions, Rasa became a staunch advocate of proper bonding. After her election to Cloister, Rasa bonded to scheduled Ninth Gen Pita Dag (Marix), a Bakikom in RIO, and the lovers they shared, a scheduled Ninth Gen counselor named Pel Ru (Subak), and the scheduled Ninth Gen physician Wox Banto (Bizak). After Pita’s Dag’s death in 2184, Rasa severed her bond with Wox.

Rasa, with her partner Pel, had two scheduled donations of Tenth Ramaxian Gen, gen-heir Laxum Jyr, design Hizak, and Pitasa Jyr, design Zaxir (deceased). Rasa has no known donations with Wox Dag, or Pita Dag.