Lekada Wram (lah-kah-dah | ram) is Committee Member the Second of Ramaxia, and scheduled citizen of the Ninth Ramaxian Generation, born in 2162, design Hizak.

After acquiring degrees in bioengineering, and linguistics, Wram graduated with honors in 2179, and after overseeing the development of the Arkelon Class of carriers, was made Administrator Prime of her clan’s company, Tib & Wram Constructs. In 2182, Wram ran for the Citizenry Representatives office of West Toxis, but lost to Sixth Gen incumbent Jidal Dox. Later that year Dox was found guilty of embezzling citizenry funds, and was removed from her position by the Sernatae. When Wram was placed into the seat upon Dox’ removal, she resigned her position as Prime of Tib & Wram Constructs, (she retained her controlling shares until 2200, selling them to partner Debo Hib). Wram ascended to the position of Second Officer in 2187 following the Yulitat Coup.Lekada Wram is the only scheduled donation of Sixth Gen K’no Wram, former First Officer under the administration of the Sixth, and was birthed by her maker Yuli Kul, a Sixth-Gen Zaxir sibling of Primary Ixo Kul.

Lekada Wram had four bond-partners with two of her three donations birthed by Subak Hal Wiv. Wiv had been compelled to bear Wram’s heirs before dying of post-delivery health complications following birth of the second. Wram’s third donation is from a patch-relationship with Zaxir actress Rezat Polvix, of Clan Polvix. Wram bonded again in 2209 to Tenth Gen Zaxir celebrity, Crixal Dox, adding the young Zaxiri to her established bond with Ninth Gen Zaxiri Doka Ulix, Caltal Nux, and Feetana Wygz. Lekada’s gen-heir had been Tenth-Gen Marix Zixus Wram, but after her death in 2223, Femtrux recognized Bizak citizen Velto Wram, coded a secondary-heir at birth, as Lekada’s heir, allowing her to remain in power.