Adam Pierce

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Adam Pierce is a Colonel in The North American Union Security Intelligence Service (NAU-SIS) with a background in Criminal Investigations. Pierce specializes Counterintelligence and Counterterrorism. Pierce’s ability to survive at great depths, and his keen understanding of the Femmar, have made him an asset and a liability.


Colonel Adam Pierce first encounters Sofita Kul in Tasmania, pretending to be a local policeman trying to cross the unfinished Bass Plain Bridge and escape an incoming tsunami. Scans performed by the Femitokon Shell, during a sexual encounter, reveal that Pierce has Situs Inversus, a congenital condition in which the major visceral organs are reversed from their standard positions. In the end, Pierce reveals himself as only “Adam” and puts up a fight that impresses Sofita.

Sofita (and young Dox) encounter “Adam,” again, in the Badlands of the Texan Territories, while on a mission to take out the hybrid Utahraptor Sil. Pierce is able to board the Ornith and acquire access to its command interface as Ornith mistakes him for a Femarctic citizen. After being beaten and left for dead by Sofita, Pierce loses his rank due to his handling of the mission and the loss of a fellow soldier.

Pierce’s identity is fully revealed when Ambassador Deborah Chase tells Ambassador Pitana Dag, details of Adam Peirce’s personnel files. Pierce’s date of birth is listed as unknown, but his service is traced back to the North American Union’s Youth Corps, then to Port Austin in Texas, before transferring to the SEAL Operational Center in Appalachia Island. A registered NAU-SIS by age 26, Pierce served his career in Criminal Investigations, and as an Intelligence Officer in both Counterintelligence and Counterterrorism.

Adam Pierce’s ability to survive at great depths, and his keen understanding of the Femmar, cause suspicion among his new superiors in Banff. After being furloughed from service due to his lack of fear-response and his habit of losing team members, Adam attempts to reacquire his rank by venturing to Ramaxia and spying on Ambassador Deborah Chase. Pierce presents President Dubois with proof that Ambassador Chase is compromised (revealing her unconsummated romance with Ambassador Pitana Dag) which results in Chase being recalled. Pierce is given the authority to perform narco-analysis on Chase to find out what else she knows about Ramaxia. For his service, President Dubois and Commissioner Perry send him on a suicide mission to Ramaxia, to poison the waters of Orta Command. Pierce is captured by Dox and Balru and placed into the custody of newly named Ambassador Prime, Laxum Jyr. While being questioned by Sofita for the Femitokon Division, Pierce is examined by Fyla Uym when found to be carrying spheres similar to those housing the Femitokon Shell. Fyla Uym deactivates the spheres, disabling a gender-shift shell and revealing Pierce a Femarctic Male Marix named Ruzi Kavo. Ryo Uym and Lekada Wram arrive with the Primary, and state that the Femitokon Division has no jurisdiction over Kavo, as he’s part of SOD’s Operation Puppet; but Kavo wants only to murder the Primary and Ryo Uym for what they did to him. Newly ascended CM5 Pitana Dag burst in on the jurisdictional dispute, and after a hostile exchange with Sofita and Ryo, orders Kavo terminated. Instead of terminating him, Sofita makes him an offer: he can live if he tells them where Deborah Chase–Kavo (Pierce) offers to retrieve the woman instead. Sofita accepts and assigns Balru to accompany him to retrieve Chase. During the Primary’s war on the NAU, Kavo and Balru retrieve Chase. Sofita keeps Kavo close to her for his own protection and her own.

On the eve of Sofita’s move toward ascension, Ruzi Kavo hides him on the surface where he’s visited by Laxum Jyr who is both aroused and curious by him. When Jyr realizes she can’t control him, she abandons him but not before her lover Kin Balru follows her to the surface and discovers Ruzi for himself. (Ascension I: Cold Wars) Instead of killing Balru, Ruzi falls in love with him as Balru helps him overcome his homicidal tendencies. Ruzi learns to rely on male meditation to control his natural aggression, and during hibernation comes into contact with male Jalbos. In their telepathic connection Ruzi convinces Jal that he’s not worthless, nor is he to blame for Fusada Kul’s ambitions. Trough Ruzi, Jal acquires a sense of self-worth that comes to guide his actions when he comes up against Orestes and Nephis Uym. (Ascension I)

After the Tenth Generation ascend, Ruzi Kavo is made Ambassador Prime of Ramaxia, a position he is hesitant to accept as he’s fallen in love with Kin Balru, Laxum Jyr, and Jal Bos (in the body of Orestes Uym).