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Terrence Whitley is an erotic cabaret performer at Port Yukon in Holy Cross. (S1:E2) His sister is Tara Whitley, an Ensign in the North American Union Security Intelligence Service. (S1:E2).

Doctor Vai Zhang is marine mammal geneticist with Bumo Corporation; she is listed as the wife of Geneticist Pym Zhang and is documented as being born in Hong Kong Province, in Jungwa (S1:E2). Superior Sergeant Pym Cao-Cy is an officer in the Communal Party of Jungwa; from the continental capital of Ulaan, in Jungwa. (S1:E2).

Kotko is the name of an Ashkenazim noble family of Russo-Polish descent known for its distinguished statesmen, diplomatists, and soldiers. Boris Kotko, a respected military commander, and paramour of Empress Juliana Mikołaj, and his younger brother Yuri Kotko, serve the royal house of Mikołaj, rulers of the Slavic Empire since 2170. (S2:E4) (S2:E5) (S2:E6)

Duchess Kasimira* Mikołaj is the fifteen-year-old child of the current Empress of the Slavic Empire. (S2:E4) (S2:E5) (S2:E6) *Duke Kasimir Mikołaj is a trans-man and is thus considered a man.

  • Helovxi Characters
    • In Order by First Appearance | Recurring in Bold
      • Terrence Whitley (S1:E2)
      • Tara Whitley (S1:E2)
      • Vai Zhang (S1:E2)
      • Pym Cao -Cy (S1:E2)
      • The Brothers Kotko
        • Boris and Yuri
      • Duchess Kasimira* Mikołaj
      • Adam Pierce (S3:E7)
      • Deborah Chase (S3:E8)
      • Angie Thomas (S4:E9)
      • Mickey Dorsett (S4:E9)
      • Kuk, Kemen, and Marwoto Basuki  (S5:E12)
      • Tuk Pongia (S5:E12)
        • The Mana Men (S5:E12)
      • Janet Dubois (S8:E18)
      • Katherine ‘Kat” Miller (S8:E20)