Fyla Uym (f-eye lah | yoom) is the Secondary Chair of the Generational Production Department, Prime Administrator of the Ramaxian Surgical Association, and Prime-Chair of the Applied Genetics Department of the Prime Lab.

Fyla Uym is a scheduled citizen of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen, design Bizak, born 2185. Uym is the only surviving donation of Committee Member the First, Ryo Uym. Her birther and maker are deceased, respectively, and her maker is listed as Tav Ukel (of Clan Ukel). Fyla Uym is not bonded and has no known donations to the citizenry.

After graduating Mynu in 2200 as a transitional Bizaki teen prodigy, Uym entered the Ramaxian Center of Collective Sciences, and lead the team responsible for creating the kyrsbrains of Femtrux, and the Collective. Years later, Uym became the youngest citizen, and the second Bizak, to make counsel-chair in the Generational Production Department and was elevated to Secondary Chair of the GPD, in 2225. Privately, Uym sits on the board of the Oceanic Archeology Committee and is controlling member of the Bizaki Higher Sciences Association.

In 2208, Uym became principal administrator of Project Femitokon when her creation, the Femitokon Shell, sought advancement funding from Ramaxian World Oceans. After the Shell became functional, Uym lost custodianship to the Sorority of the Defense; Uym no serves as Prime Physician of the Femitokon Division.