Fusa Kul (fooz-ah | kol) is the current Primary of Ramaxia and is a scheduled citizen of the Ninth Ramaxian Generation, born in 2162, design Marix.

The donation of Primary Ixo Kul, Fusa Kul grew up in Caste Center #1 in Utama. Kul proved a constant discipline problem throughout her time in Orta, and though last standing at her Final Trial, her assault of two Zaxiri during her first night of liberty in Toxis earned her an assignment to Port Antarctica (despite being a ranking Donmat).

In 2182, Kul was reunited with the Primary and told of her heritage; as a sign of faith, the Primary advanced Fusa to the rank of Promad, and in 2183, gave her command of the Kasko. Kul was stripped of her command a year later after defying the Primary by bonding to waxamist Fee Banto (rumored to be Fusa’s half-sibling). To stop Kul from filing a open grievance with the Office of Marixi Administration, she was offered the rank of Primepromad, unprecedented given her age, and she accepted, unaware it was an exile position to garrison at Antarctica City. In 2184 Primepromad Fusa Kul left her command in the AC. Following the Perth Incident, Kul took command of the Kasko, and eradicated all helovx life within continental Australia. Prime Chair Gilo Gwo stripped Kul of rank, and the Primary ordered her sentenced to Isolation. In 2185, immediately after bond, Fee Banto, succumbed to post-gestational hemorrhaging following the birth of her twins, Fusada and Sofita, Kul escaped custody. Fusa Kul turned herself over in 2186, and while awaiting furlough to Isolation, she and her compatriots in the Ninth took control of Orta. In 2187, Fusa Kul ascended to the position of Primary.

Fusa Kul took no other bond after the death of Fee Banto but cohabitated briefly with citizen Orestes Uym, a Tenth-Gen Bizak and the donation of Committee Member the First, Ryo Uym. After Orestes Uym’s death at the hands of a sibox (a male turned over to the Sorority of Defense), Fusa Kul remains without a bond.