Death of Fusada Kul

On the morning of Buxol 20, 2212, hive Koltrix detected unusual physiological readings emulating from the paxicol of citizens Sofita and Fusada Kul. Draining the coltan from around the room and releasing the hibernation locks, Koltrix unsealed the room and then reported a deceased citizen to hive Faltrix. According to the emergency attendants that arrived first, Hizak Sofita was found on the floor cradling the head of an unidentifiable Marix. In a highly emotional state, Sofita demanded to be left alone.

The corpse was identified by hive Faltrix as Fusada Kul, though the blast wound severely mutilated her face. A counseling attendant arrived and separated Sofita from the body; at this time the Primary, Fusa Kul, entered, having been woken from her hibernation down the hall. Sofita struck the Primary in the face, blaming her for the actions of her sibling. Attending Guardia managed to keep the Primary from attacking Sofita, and the arrival of First Office, Ryo Uym, hibernating in an attached paxicol, allowed for the removal of Sofita and the attendants. Left alone, Fusa Kul held her dead donation, weeping openly for her loss. In the hall outside the paxicol, Uym demanded hive Faltrix transfer her to Femtrux to ensure that Primary Fusa Kul was still in power, despite the death of her gen-heir. It was Tolitat that responded that Fusa Kul remained the Primary of Ramaxia due to the existence of another genetic heir.

An autopsy performed by Doctor Fyla Uym indicated that Fusada Kul had died of a self-inflicted blaster wound to the face. Uym’s evidence, combined with Sofita’s testimony that she found her twin laying dead when she woke, led the current Prime of Marixi Administration, Ninth-Gen Yam Brigitat, to record Fusada’s death as Zish’tilgulYam Brigitat was found dead two days before her filing, having suffered a stomach ailment. Her successor was to have been Sofita Kul, but Kul declined the office, allowing for the succession of Ixo Gizul.

One-time heir to the Primaryship of the Tenth Ramaxian Generation, Fusada Kul, kept an inner circle that included Marixi she’d grown up with in Orta. After her Final Trial and subsequent assignment to the Sorority of Defense, Fusada was a regular fixture at various bluzsh throughout Toxis, often in the company of her oldest friend, Deltad Polvix, her best friend Fos Tis, and confidant Bam Yuxi.

At her bonding ceremony were Orta peers Bo Kilvx, Vaniav Gwo, Pita Wex, and cousins Ryoz, and Zerix Julo. Soon after bonding to Bizak bio-industrialist Velto Wram and celebrity Ilo Cux, Fusada withdrew socially as part of her sequestration during trials for the Femitokon Project. It was at this time that Fusada, alienated from her twin, Sofita, initiated an affair with a cast-off named Jal Bos.

At the special request of Primary Kul, Marxi Administration initiated an investigation into the death of Fusada. Testimony from peers Polvix, Tis, Kilvx, and the Julo sibtox, indicated that Fusada’s behavior had been erratic during the subsequent trials for the Femitokon Project. Bam Yuxi, Pita Wex, and Vaniav G’wo supported Fyla Uym’s testimony that nothing seemed amiss with Fusada, but each Marixi also admitted they hadn’t seen Fusada in many years. This new evidence prompted Gizul to cite the Shell as playing a significant factor in Fusada’s mental and emotional decline, and as such, declared her a causality of Ramaxic’til, and thus eligible for recycle.