Fusada Kul (fooz-ah-dah |kol) was a Komadon in the Surface Operational Department of Ramaxian World Oceans. Kul had served the Sorority of Defense as an operative of the covert Femitokon Division. Official documents state that Fusada Kul succumbed to pulmonary failure in her paxicol, in 2212.

Fusada KulFusada Kul was a scheduled citizen of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen born in 2185, design Marix. Her kerma was Fusa Kul, the Primary of Ramaxia; her maker (and birther) was Fee Banto, also deceased. In 2209, Kul bonded to celebrity Ilo Cux, and industrialist turned politician, Velto Wram. Kul has one known donation to the citizenry, born of Ilo Cux.

Kul began her career assigned to Terminal Sabotage, after being the last Brooder standing at her Final Trial, against 1,500 other Marixi. Following a series of successful missions, Kul entered the Femitokon Project. Kul became the only draftee capable of physically containing the cyberorganic spheres that housed an energy matrix called the Femitokon Shell. Despite Kul’s success at adhering to the spheres, and briefly igniting the armor, she’d been unable to maintain it for full usage.

In 2212 Fusada Kul was found dead in her hibernation paxicol by her sibling, Sofita Kul.