Orestes Uym (o-rez-teez | yoom) was born in 2185, part of the scheduled production of Tenth Ramaxian Gen, design Bizak. Orestes was the second donation of Committee Member the First, Ryo Uym.

Orestes was born male, and never caste-trained, nor turned over after the implementation of the Balanced Citizenry Act. He is sibox of Doctor Fyla Uym, and his genetic maker is the deceased Tav Ukel. Orestes’ birther is also deceased. At the time of his death in 2225, Orestes was hiding in the skin but seen in the romantic company of the Primary Fusa Kul.

Orestes was murdered by his brother, Nephis Uym, a femarctic-male believed born to Ryo Uym before the production of the Eleventh. Orestes has no known donations to the citizenry.




  • Name: Orestesuym
  • Birther: Citrixhol
  • Kermatic M: Ryouym
  • Makodonic M: Tavukel
  • Sibox: [Fyla Uym]
  • Citizenry Affiliation: House Uym
  • Citizenry Affiliation: Clan Ukel
  • Genetic Designation: Bizak
  • Ramaxi Generation: Tenth
  • Age: Deceased 2225
  • Height: 6’8”
  • Weight: 194 lbs
  • Hide: Brown/variation
  • Hide: Blue stippling