Kin Balru  (k-in | ball-roo) is the owner/operator of the Balrupaxo (Balru Deli), located on the first floor of the Balrudos (Balru Building), across the street from the Cloister. Listed as the ancestral property of original subject Balrusok, the residential tower is designated historic by the Ramaxian Heritage Committee, despite the paxo located on the street level.

Kin Balru is male and hiding in the skin. Falsified records indicate Kin is a female graduate of the Pikalit School of Culinary Arts and obtained a degree in Business Operations from the Mynu School of Restaurant Management.

Kin was in a relationship with energist, Ergal Jakix, and Doctor Sofita Kul, until Jakix died in 2209, at the Igitat Prime. After Jakix death, Kin Balru was allowed to collect and bring up their donation together, Eleventh Gen Styba Balru.

The citizen recognized as Kin Balru was born in 2185, part of the scheduled production of Tenth Ramaxian Gen, design Bizak. The donation of Ninth-Gen Bizak Kos Balru, and Ninth-Gen Zaxiri Yax Furat, Kin is heir to Clan Balru’s modest real estate holdings throughout Utama. Kin is predeceased by sibling Kilbalru, a terminated male, and Podpromad Ziw Balru, a former Guardia killed in a rounder accident in Toxis.


  • Name: Kinbalru
  • Birther: Yaxfurat
  • Kermatic M: Kosbalru
  • Makodonic M: Yaxfurat
  • Citizenry Affiliation: Clan Balru
  • Citizenry Affiliation: Non-distinct: Pod Furat
  • Genetic Designation: Bizak
  • Ramaxi Generation: Tenth
  • Height: 5’8”
  • Weight: 178 lbs
  • Hide: Brown/Blue/Green
  • Hide: Patchy, mottled