Jal Bos (jal | boz) is a Femarctic-Male of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen, design Hizak, and born outside the scheduled production of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen, in 2184.

Hours after his birth Jal was abandoned out front of a caste-center in Pikalit. Despite being designated Subak, he developed what his caregivers viewed as an ‘abnormal desire to sort and rationalize.’ Jal did not transition to an Hizaki educational program, his caregivers placed him into the care of retraining-specialists, at age eight. During his years in the retraining system, Jal endured sexual abuse at the hands of therapists.

At age fifteen Jal was diagnosed casteless and cycled into the custody of World Oceans.

In 2208, while living as a caste-off in Orta, Jal met Komadon Fusada Kul and aligned with her sexually. Fusada Kul fused her kermatic patch with Jal’s and joined them to the makodonic patch of Ilo Cux; an Eleventh-Gen named Tavo Ex was born from this union.

After Kul’s demise in 2212, Jal was found guilty of murdering Donmat Tib Jyr. Jal escaped custody shortly after and lived between the poles for over a decade. Jal was acquired by the Femitokon Division in 2223 and was falsely recorded as terminated and processed by Dokomad Sofita Kul. In 2228, Jal was found alive by Sofita Kul and remains in the custody of Terminal Sabotage as a prisoner of the Primary. He is imprisoned in ISO Main at the bottom of the Vostulak.

  • Name: Jalbos
  • Birther: Unknown
  • Kermatic M: Unknown
  • Makodonic M: Unknown
  • Collection Agent: Kul (on record)
  • Genetic Designation: Casteless
    • Behavioral Designation: Hizak
  • Ramaxi Generation: Null
  • Height: 6’5”
  • Weight: 170 lbs
  • Hide: White/tan variations
  • Hide: Spotted/flecked