Caro Cristi aka Carl Crystal

Little is known of the helovx Carl Crystal, before he became a leader of the Great White religious sect, a loose fleet of seagoing refugees that worshiped Crystal as a supernatural being.

Mysterious Appearance
Crystal and two angelic guardians were first seen drifting from port to port with killer whales in the Arctic. After many years, an operative from Antarctica began hunting them, alerting all ports to be on the lookout for his presence. Acquiring an aging clipper ship, they sailed it south, where they encountered decaying boats of American refugees who had limited knowledge of the Femmar. Cristi appealed to their archaic Judeo-Christian superstitions, calling himself their shepherd, he told them “I’ve been sent to protect you as I did Noah, when the Earth was taken by flood.” Crystal had the ability to calm helovx, and cure their emotional ailments, and he was protected by his two strange looking angels. Word spread throughout the seas, and more refugees began arriving for counsel. When his followers reached two hundred strong, they chose him to be their leader, and under his command, he led them to commit acts of piracy at sea, against known coastal governments.

Division and Destruction
Upon meeting a woman in Yazhou skilled at the lost pre-impact art of cosmetic surgery, Crystal altered himself to look helovx; he did this as a gift to his followers–but he needed to alter his image after a relentless agent of Terminal Sabotage had nearly acquired him off the coast of Aotearoa. As an helovx, Crystal’s public displays of homosexual affection didn’t alienate his religious followers because they were witness to his many exploits with women, and his ability to talk these women into sharing their love, kept most of his helovx male followers, content. Crystal advocated polyandry for all and bound himself to several female followers, all of whom were allowed to have any man they wanted– except for his youngest cohort, the strange male that controlled sharks, the one he kept close to him at all times. His primary motivation was seen by his followers to be, having children. One former member claimed that Crystal fathered over a dozen children with various women and young girls in ‘the fleet’, and kept all his infants with him on his boat. Crystal had only sons because every one of his infant girls died in their sleep. On a warm night in September, followers watched as Crystal came to blows with the youngest of his “angels”. He caught the man suffocating one of his sleeping daughters, and naturally his followers were as upset. The “demon” murdered one of Crystal’s angels before escaping into the sea. During this altercation, Ramaxian operatives surrounded the ships, killing more than half of the Great White sect, including Crystal’s remaining angel. The uniformed femmar rounded up and murdered eight of his sons, the others had been whisked away by their mothers.

Great White Cult. Capture and Incarceration
Crystal fled with two of his wives to the California Islands. There he re-established his Sect as a sexual cult, made exclusively of women. Five years later, his cult was found to be responsible for acquiring young runaways and breeding them to sell the infants for profit. After a long siege that took the lives of most of his followers, Crystal was apprehended along at a shipping dock–it was rumored a boat carrying a group of his wives and sons, had escaped. While in custody in Banff, Crystal organized the prisoners to escape. At large in Banff, some of the men attempted to bomb a homosexual registration center; leading the authorities to their hideout, Crystal was apprehended with them, and is currently serving a life sentence in the Calgary Correctional Society.