Caro Cristi (kah-row | kriz-tee) was a scheduled male of the Ninth Ramaxian Generation, born in 2162, design Zaxir.

Born in West Toxis, someone abandoned Caro at Caste Center #8, in Toxis Prime. At age eight Caro was taken home by one of his caregivers, an Hizak named Riga Cristi. While living with Cristi, Caro was routinely sexually molested until the age of fifteen when he was sold privately to Tiskilo Bluzsh in West Toxis.

In 2180, Caro was collected by Orta after attempting to testify against three Marixi who had fatally assaulted a Zaxir at the Tiskilo. Caro had been the only witness to what transpired, young defense Advocate Ryo Uym set a precedent by arguing that because Caro was male, he was a non-citizen and unable to be sworn for testimony. Caro was then Collected and sent to live in a Retraining Center in Toxis Prime. During the Ninth Gen’s twentieth-year, Caro had convinced a Bizak sanitation engineer to smuggle him out. Caro’s new lover had two Subak live-ins, and when one of them threatened to turn him in, the engineer abandoned Caro on the streets of Vanda Prime.

While on the streets, a Hizak named Tiba Sizix found Caro. Sizix was a wealthy accountant working for House Kul with a hiziburx for watching males in fear and being raped. During the production of the Tenth Gen, Caro and Tiba’s two male Zaxiri partners were rounded up in Collections carried out by the Sixth Gen administration.

Upon the Ninth’s ascension, Sizix relocated to Utama to handle Fusa Kul‘s finances and brought Caro to live with her. One night in 2191, Sizix had stayed too late at the Primary’s celebration commemorating the successful landing of the Veldag III, from Tharso. Caro came looking for her and was recognized by Gid Ikat as a former witness against Fusa those many years ago in the death of Zaxir. Kul assaulted Caro, forcing Sizix to watch, and beat Caro so severely that Riba Wygz was paid by Sizix to perform reconstructive surgery. Refusing to turn Caro over, Sizix lost her position with House Kul.

Rasa Jyr offered Sizix a job in Antarctica City, managing export accounts. While there, Sizix compelled Caro to entice Marixi back to their small residence and instigate their brutality. Unhappy, Caro sought fulfillment with random helovx women he solicited on the docks while Sizix was at work. When Sizix informed him of her intention to return to the mainland, he poisoned Sizix.

Apprehended in 2200 after authorities found Sizix’ body, Caro arrived at ISO Secondary and marked for termination. Housed with five other males also set to be terminated, Caro escaped to the surface. Caro Cristi was believed to be living among helovx at sea until his near apprehension by then Dokomad, Fusada Kul, in 2207.

In 2208, Dokomad Kul, newly transitioned from Terminal Sabotage to the Femitokon Division, reopened Cristi’s escape case and discovered that he and the five males to be terminated, were moved from their holding cells and taken to the residence of a ‘private citizen.’ Kul determined that Cristi and the males had taken a Seventh-Gen citizen named Ryx Kul, a distant relation of the Dokomad. In 2209, Kul underwent implantation of the Femitokon Shell, and though unable to ignite the experimental armor, she pursued Caro throughout the world. Advancing in rank to Komadon, Kul found and terminated three of Caro’s male children before losing Caro’s trail by 2210. Komadon Kul died in 2212 without ever apprehending Caro Cristi.

In 2222, a new host acquired the Femitokon Shell. Komadon Sofita Kul (sibling of the deceased Fusada) used the Shell to locate Caro Cristi in 2225. Caro was found in the custody of the North American Union, having been surgically altered years before to appear human. As a man Carl Crystal, he founded the fertility cult known as the Great White Sect, and before his life-sentence (for blowing up a homosexual registration office) Caro (as Carl Crystal) sired dozens of hybrid children with his many human wives. To date, Komadon Sofita Kul of the Femitokon Division has terminated seventeen of Carl Crystal’s hybrid children; all have been male.

On December 2, 2228, Carl Crystal escaped the custody of Calgary Corrections; he was murdered by in the Badlands of the NAU by an assailant believed to be Nephis Uym. His body was collected by the Femitokon Division and brought home for processing via the Ramxtikon.