Carocristi – Narrative

Caro Cristi (kah-row | kris-tee) is a scheduled male of the Ninth Ramaxian Generation, born in 2162, design Zaxir.

Caro lived in Caste Center #8, in Toxis Prime. Ineligible for a furlough to the Zaxiri House, Caro was taken home by one of the Center’s caregivers, an Hizak named Riga Cristi. While living with Cristi in East Toxis, Caro was routinely sexually molested until the age of fourteen when he was sold privately to Tiskilo Bluzsh in West Toxis. In 2180, at the age of 18, Caro was collected by Orta to testify against three Marixi (one of them rumored to be the unknown, Fusa Kul) who had assaulted two Zaxiri at a private gathering in one of the residences. The only witness to what transpired, young defense Advocate Ryo Uym had Caro medically examined to prove his maleness, thus disqualifying his testimony. Caro was Collected and sent to live in a GPD group home for Zaxiri-males, in Toxis Prime. During the Ninth Gen’s 20th year, he convinced a Bizak sanitation engineer to smuggle him out and take him home. Caro’s newly duped lover had two Subak live-ins, and one of them was particularly resentful of his presence.

Unable to keep him, the engineer gave Caro to a friend of hers, an Hizak named Tiba Sizix. Sizix was an elite accountant, one of the top graduates to emerge from Mynu Credit Conservatory, and for a time, she worked for the House of Kul, even after Fusa Kul ascended to the position of Primary and took control of House Hul. Sizix remained on staff and worked as the Primary’s private accountant. Caro and Sizix were relatively happy until one night, in 2194, Sizix had stayed too late at the Primary’s celebration commemorating the successful landing of the Veldag III, from Tharso. Caro had arrived looking for her and was recognized by Gid Ikat, to be the former witness against Fusa those many years ago. Ikat arranged for one of the males in Fusa’s private custody to sneak Caro into the Kul estate. Led to a private room, Caro found Fusa Kul waiting, along with Tib Sizix, tied to a chair. Kul assaulted Caro, forcing Sizix to watch, beating Caro so severely, he required reconstructive surgery on his face. Sizix lost her position with the House of Kul by order of Ryo Uym. Rasa Jyr, having heard about the incident, offered Sizix a job in Antarctica City, managing export accounts.

Unfortunately for Caro, Tib Sizix developed a taste for watching him raped. Sizix had compelled Caro to hide his gender, and then to invite Marixi back to their small residence. Sizix remained hidden and spied on what happened when Caro revealed himself to be a male and then refuse to follow through. Soon, Caro sought fulfillment with random helovx women he solicited on the docks. Caro came to crave their affections, and when Sizix informed him of her intention to return to the mainland, he poisoned Sizix. Apprehended in 2200, and after authorities found Sizix’ body. Caro arrived at ISO Secondary in 2201, marked for termination. Housed with five other males scheduled for termination, Caro escaped to the surface and remains a fugitive of Ramaxia.

In 2208, Dokomod Fusada Kul of Terminal Sabotage reopened the case of his escape, and discovered that Caro and the five males were moved from their usual holding cells in ISO Secondary, so that a ‘private citizen’ could collect them as playthings. When Dokomad Kul requested accesses to the Primary’s travel records for that day–she was refused, by her then commanding officer, Gid Ikat. Dokomod Kul filed a request via the Axyrn Division, and the routes were handed over without question. Kul learned that the Primary owned a private cabin on the surface over Orta, and had visited it the day Cristi allegedly escaped from ISO Main. Kul dedicated 2209 to tracking Caro between the poles; she terminated three of his male children before being recalled by the Sorority of Defense for transition to the Femitokon Project. Fusada Kul died in 2212; two years later, an helovx man named Carl Crystal was sentenced to life in the Calgary Penal Society.