Femarctic Male Characters

Supporting & Minor Characters of Male Design
-with Scenes and dialogue | –mentions with no dialogue

Jal Bos was a Femarctic-Male of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen, designated Subak, and free-born in 2184. Jal Bos is recorded as terminated and processed by Dokomad Sofita Kul. [Full Bio] [S:1E:3]

Kin Balru is a Femarctic-Male of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen, design Bizak. Hiding in the skin among the citizenry, he is the owner/operator of the Balrupaxo in Utama. In the conversation between Ziw and Sofita in S:1E:1, Kin is spoken of in relation to Styba Balru, the donation Sofita bore for him. Kin debuts with dialogue in S4:E9. [Full Bio]

Caro Cristi is a Ninth Gen male, born in 2162, design Zaxir. Caro and his hybrid donations form the crux of Sofita (and a portion of Fusada’s) career as operatives. Sofita and Pitana discuss him briefly S:1E:1, and despite his horrible ties to House Kul, Sofita finally meets him in person, during S4:E9. [Full Bio – Narrative Format]

Orestes Uym (deceased) was a Femarctic-Male of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen, design Bizak, he was the second donation of Committee Member the First, Ryo Uym. Hiding in the skin at the time of his death, Orestes was the legal consort of Primary Fusa Kul. Bonded by their victimization, Sofita recalls her memories of Orestes throughout the series, mostly during her attempts to ignite the Shell. [Full Bio]


  • Due to their existence being illegal in Ramaxia, male characters throughout the series often hide in the skin. There is an element of mystery attached to male-identity, and only those defined (and eventually outed) as males in the dialogue, or narrative, will appear here.