Zerixjulo & Ryozjulo

no_image_available_charactersZerix Julo (z-air-iks | joo-low) is a Podpromad assigned to the Axyrn Division and serves the offices of the Sernatae. Julo works in the Cloister overseeing officers assigned to the Ramaxian Custodial Detachment. Though Prime of ISO Secondary, Julo’s command center is at Axyrn Citizenry Holding, in Utama.

Zerix  is a scheduled born citizen of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen, born in 2185, design Marix. Zerix grew up in the home of her birther and mako, Laxu Julo, a counselor at Zaxiri House Gali, in Toxis. Her kerma are Marixi Dak Dox (Polar Fleet) and Urdo Utat (Citizen’s Guard). Zerix did not grow up with her two sibox, but became friends with sibtox (a Marix also birthed by her mako) Ryoz, during her Brood years in Orta. Zerix is not bonded, but has four donations to the citizenry.

no_image_available_charactersRyoz Julo (r-eye-oz | joo-low) is a Promad in the Surface Operational Department of Ramaxian World Oceans. She is the Secondary of Toxis Class Submarine Chironex and oversees Nautical Pod 3, stationed in the waters of the Raxuda`acarol (Pacific Ocean).

Ryoz  a scheduled born citizen of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen, born in 2185, design Marix. Ryoz lived in a Greater Vanda with her Subak mako, Fylux Acari. Of her two kerma only one remains living (Bizak Uli Brigitat was a RIO engineer killed during the Rubo Tragedy); Bizak maintenance engineer Pikaz Julo, raised Ryoz and her Hizak sibox Fusat Acari, overtop the Lux Garden Club, owned by her mako. Ryoz’ birther is her kerma’s sib, Laxu Julo, whose own donation, Zerix, became friends with Ryoz during their Brood years in Orta. Ryoz is not bonded, but has three donations to the citizenry.