Vaniav Gwo is a Bakikom in the Surface Operational Department of Ramaxian World Oceans. Gwo serves the Sorority of Defense as custodial liaison with Axyrn Division‘s Guardia Corps. She is currently assigned to Isolation Main in the northern polar Ramaxatae (Arctic Ocean).

no_image_available_charactersGwo is a scheduled born citizen of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen, born in 2185, design Marix. Gwo grew up in Caste-Center #8 in Pikalit. Her kermatic maker is Yix Su, an Hizak accountant living in Vanda, and Bizak chef Ilod Brigitat, of Utama. Her makodonic maker is Pitasa Litx, a Subak jeweler, and her birther is Rinat Gwo, a Zaxir citbluz resident from Pikalit. Gwo pulled her genetic information from the Citizen’s Catalogue prior to the production of the Eleventh Gen.

Gwo finished her Final Trial the third standing, and earned the rank of Donbakil assigned to Sorority of Defense as part of Iso-Custodial. In 2223, Gwo made the rank of Bakikom, and under the administration of the Axyrn Division, is the current commanding officer of Ornithocheirus Four.