Pita Wex

Pita Wex (pee-tah | wecks) is a Bakiprime in the Polar Air Command of Ramaxian World Oceans. Wex commands the Arkelon Class Carrier Woxidat, stationed in the Raxuta`acarol (Pacific Ocean).

no_image_available_charactersWex is a scheduled born citizen of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen, born in 2185, design Marix. Wex grew up in Caste-Center #3 in Toxis. Her kermatic maker is Bizak glider Jizat Boz, of Pikalit, and her makodonic maker and birther is erotic-film actress Pitaz Wex, of Toxis. Wex pulled her genetic information from the Citizen’s Catalogue prior to bonding, and maintains a relationship with her makers whom credit her with bringing them together in 2208, though their patches were combined blind. Wex is bonded to the Secondary of Orta Biologic, Acuda Gaz (Bizak), Orta Collective Maintenance supervisor Tib Acari (Bizak), and Subak citizen, Tavix Bos. Wex has four donations to the citizenry, all Zaxiri: Pitazi and Tibata Bos, Ryozi Wex, and Ilo Acari.

Wex finished her Final Trial the seventh standing brooder, and as a ranking Donbakil, served as a Striker Pilot assigned to Striker Clutch Three. Wex remained on board the PAC Woxidat and eventually became her Bakiprime in 2226.