no_image_available_charactersOzbi Tis is a former birthing nurse, and is the primary bond-partner of Vanda Prime Citizenry Representative Eppis Banto, Zaxir heiress Acari Tol, and fashion designer and Hizak, Ibur Grik. Ozbi is the makodonic parent of Hizak Obiz Banto (2210), and Bizak Fezil Banto (2211), both birthed by bond-partner Tol.

Ozbi is a scheduled born citizen of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen, born in 2185, design Subak. Ozbi was raised by her makers, a Bizak port-engineer named Obiz Tis, and Zaxir Iltavi Gudo. Her other makers were Hizak maritime engineer named Turgat Ikax, and her birther was Ilox Gurtax. Ozbi lived with her pod in Vanda until she left the Subaki Citizenry Center in Toxis, at the age ten. Ozbi’s Ninth-Gen makers committed Zish’tilgul during the Sister Suicides.

Upon completion of her education in Toxis, Ozbi enrolled in the College of Makadonic Studies in Mynu, with a focus in Birthing Care. Ozbi earned a Prime-Degree in Reproductive Health from the Mynu Academy of Zaxidonic Medicine, in 2206. Ozbi retired from vocational service after the birth of her donations.