Koba Julo – Narrative

Koba Julo began her career as an investigatory journalist for the Ramaxi-Central Showcast news program Dome Daily.

At Dome Daily only a year, Julo exposed an helovx-sex trafficking ring operated out of the AWI by the Prime Administrator of Antarctica City. When her report suggested that the Second Office of the Committee, Lekada Wram, had full knowledge of the ring and may have profited from it, Julo was reassigned to covering dome citizenry pedestrian activity.

Koba’s most noted work at Ramaxi-Central came from her assignment to public happenings; her coverage of the Sister Suicides. Julo continued to digicast live, newsworthy incidents, despite the ban on coverage handed down by Fourth Office of the Committee, Tee Banto. After five years at Ramaxi-Central, Julo lost her job due to the Suicides.

Koba’s popularity with the citizenry as a recognizable face got her hired by Pikalit Showcast to host for their nightly news program, Pikalit Daily. Unsatisfied with the position, Julo took a deep reduction in credit to serve as prime of the Dome Telecast News.

The DT news team was similar to her final job in that it comprised of foot crews sent out to find dome news. After producing several local stories that won Pikalit Showcast accolades (and ratings) Julo produced a piece on local members of the Zaxiri College being unhappy with its current administration under the Fifth Office.

Koba assumed, as most of the citizenry assumed, that the Zaxiri College remained independent of the Fifth Office, after fighting to be separated from the GPD when it was nationalized. Koba’s story led her to Toxis, where she uncovered the Ilitux Scandal, and how it led to the College losing its autonomy to the Fifth Office. Julo discovered that key Subaki and Zaxiri members of the College had been caught pulling select blind patches of Hizak citizens to fuse with the donuxi of Zaxiri birthing their own donations; their goal was to create more Eleventh-Gen Marixi born with ilitux mutations (the type of Marixi suitable for the Citizen’s Guard). Koba’s story revealed that when CM5 Wox Dag discovered the actions of the Subaki and Zaxiri running the College, she did not seek to remove their credentials. In return, Koba suggested, CM5 Dag was given control of the Zaxiri College. After the segments aired, Julo was removed from Dome Telecast and exiled to producing the Cloister-Telecast Program.

Cloister-Telecast was the least watched program in Ramaxia, airing once a year, until Julo turned it into a monthly segment that highlighted individual members of the Chamber, and their cities vibrant culture. It was an instant hit. Producing a segment on young Utama CR Laxum Jyr (Julo’s sibtox), Koba brought to life Jyr’s struggle to overturn the Balanced Citizenry Act. Koba had helped Jyr gather evidence that CM Wox Dag was terminating males outside the scope of Femtrux; Koba’s coverage presented males in a positive light, and Jyr’s subsequent plans to confront the Committee during Third Cloister session managed to earn Cloister-Telecast’s broadcast of that session, its highest ever ratings.

The Cloister showdown between Jyr and CM5 Dag became historic when Jyr revealed the existence of the Terminal Sabotage Division and presented audio a divisional officer transitioned from it, to serve in a secret division that existed to murder males hiding in the populace. When ordered to cease filming by guards assigned to CM Tee Banto, Koba refused. The Sernatae ordered the guards to refrain from touching Julo, and refused to compel Julo to stop filming. Dag boldly admitted to the existence of the Femitokon Division, but assured the Sernatae that only damaged male criminals were being terminated outside the scope of Femtrux.

The Sernatae called all those involved to Cloister; no operative would admit to anything said in the audio recording, and the officer on it, revealed later by Koba to be Fusada Kul, had died in hibernation the year before. Defeated, Jyr resigned from Cloister service in the Third Session of 2213. Koba learned that CM4 Banto had delayed the telecast, and edited out Jyr’s resignation, leading the citizenry to believe that Jyr been removed from service as punishment for not apologizing to CM5 Dag.

Furious, Koba resigned her position at Pikalit Showcast, and announced her intention to release the session’s footage of Jyr resigning, on the interHive. Koba was brought before the First Office of the Committee, Ryo Uym, in 2214, and warned not to upload her piece; Koba did anyway. Her license to telecast was suspended, as well as her labor license to operate. Three days later, her kerma, now a Primepodas in the Axyrn, was killed in an alleged blaster-accident, in her home. Koba testified in the inquiry of her kermas death that her kerma never wore her blaster anywhere but in the Cloister, she always left it in the Cloister munitions room before going home. Koba uploaded the piece on Jyr, showing the citizenry that Jyr resigned with dignity, and why.

After the Bizakaxi restored Koba’s labor license, she found herself unemployable. No one in Ramaxia wanted to cross Tee Banto for fear of being unduly punished. Koba relocated to Antarctica City, where she still had allies, and set about acquiring seed credit to finance her own broadcasting enterprise, independent of Committee oversight. When her channel, Ramaxi Entertainment, was unable to obtain a distribution license from the Fourth Office, Koba decided to forgo the BEB, and broadcast her content exclusively through Intragux. Her decision to carry reality-based content, with celebrity news and sports, quickly found an audience among the Tenth Gen. Equipped with Filmarks, the maturing Eleventh-Gen’s constant viewership of entertainment on the interHive has made Channel RaMx a success.