kobajuloKoba Julo is a former telecast journalist whose notable contributions to the citizenry include documenting the Sister-Suicides, and coining the unofficial terms that describe Ramaxian Generations in popular culture.

Koba Julo is a free-born citizen of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen, born 2184, design Bizak. Her official scheduled registration occurred on Jixak 13, 2185. Koba’s kermadic sire was Duvo Acari (of Clan Acari), a male belonging to a then Podkomad in the Axyrn Division, Ixo Julo. His maker and birther was Ixo’s prime-bond, Rixitat Jyr (Zaxir donation of Sixth Gen Committee member I’lyu Jyr). After Rixitat died during the delivery of Koba, Duvo was turned over to the GPD by Ixo, and Koba and her two scheduled siblings (Hizaki Tik Zudat and Bulata Tol) grew up with Ixo, and her remaining bonds (Zaxiri Uta Su and Zil Tol, and Subak Ib Zudat).

After Julo acquired a telecasting degree from Mynu, and began her career as an investigatory journalist in 2205, for the Ramaxi-Central Showcast news program Dome Daily. Koba Julo has had an illustrious and controversial career, her body of work includes citizenry-recognized documentary pieces, in-depth celebrity interviews, and political exposé programs. Considered an adversary by the current Ninth Gen administration, Koba eventually lost her license to broadcast and report in 2214. The Bizakaxi returned Julo’s permissions the following year, but found no one willing to employ her. Koba relocated to Antarctica City and founded Ramaxi Entertainment. Julo is currently the Prime of Programming at Ramaxi Entertainment, and their Channel RaMx, was the first to stream exclusively on the interHive.