Ixo Gizul (icks-oh | giz-ool) is the Tenth-Gen Prime Chair of Marixi Administration, and thus Sernatae Second of the Ramaxian Cloister, making her Prime Administrator of the Axyrn Division.

no_image_available_charactersBorn scheduled in 2185, design Hizak, Ixo is the donation of Sernatae Yir Gizul, and the deceased Rav Kul (of Line Kul), former Secondary-Chair of Subaki Services. Her Subaki sibox are Yulata Gizul, the Second Office of the Generational Production Department, and Dasa Gizul, Prime Administrator of Utama’s Citizenry Dome Finance. A third sibling, Marix Yirvat Gizul, died during her Toob surface trials at age 13.

At age 16, Gizul earned doctorates in Governance and Law, and earned postgraduate degrees in Cloister Administration, and Military Law. In 2202, young Gizul, frustrated with low sales of uxiligol, bought the prime arm of Mynu Publishing from the Mynu District of Publishers, and began Gizulaxico, producing innovative presentations of historical and biographical works. It’s inaugural title, Maker-Killer: Inside the Mind of Femaki’xirpaxul, authored by Doctor Sofita Kul, revived the genre, and remains one of the bestselling axico of all time. After serving Axyrn Administrative as an advocate, Gizul acquired a position in Mynu Administration, in 2207, and took over as Prime Chair after Sofita Kul resigned in 2213. Gizul was made Sernatae Second of Ramaxia after the resignation of Ninth Gen Sernatae Second Uli Su, in 2227.