Ilo Cux is a former actress and model, renowned for being the first free-born citizen to win Prime Citizen of Ramaxia. Ilo is the surviving bond partner of Ambassador Velto Wram and former bond-partner of the deceased Fusada Kul. Ilo is the 7th wealthiest citizen in Ramaxia, due to her celebrity earnings, real-estate holdings, and her cosmetic and clothing brands.

In 2200, at the age of fifteen Ilo was entered into Ramaxia’s Prime Citizen Pageant by her physician. When her DNA passed the genetics round in Mynu, she went on to score the highest of any former contestant in the final ‘Walk.’ Her Prime Citizen status led to a career in modeling and acting. At the height of her career, Ilo bonded, but then lost one of her bond partners after birthing their donation, in 2212. In an interview, Ilo spoke of why she hadn’t brought another partner into her bond with Wram and admitted to being a waxamist. Forced to retire after losing many contracts and the dropping of her brands by retail outlets, Ilo retreated from the citizenry media.

Ilo changed her image during the formative years of the Eleventh Gen and became a staple in donational-education programming. Ilo retired from celebrity-life in 2225 and became the first Zaxir to live between poles after bond partner Wram left for the Slavic Empire. Casts (images) of Ilo Cux remain on the interHive, even today, and because her image is the most shared throughout the AWIhelovx regard her as the symbol of Femarctic beauty.

Ilo is a free-birth citizen of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen, design Zaxir. She was born in 2185 in the city of Toxis, to a Ninth Gen Zaxir sex-worker whose sibling registered Ilo as part of the “Eight.” Ilo lost her sire to the male collections that followed the Balanced Citizenry Act. Ilo’s birther-maker had died of a gashcol-infection before Ilo left for caste-training, at the age ten.

Ilo has four registered donations in the Eleventh Ramaxian Gen; of her two known donations, subakidoe Woxas Tol died before she could talk, and Subak Tavo Ex, therapist and author of Subaki Toys, is a low-level counselor with the Office of Helovx Advocacy.