Hib Perkad  (ib | purr-kaad) is the Prime Chair of the Citizen’s Catalog, and Third Office of the Generational Production Department; she is the first Zaxir to serve as GPD liaison to the Prime Lab, since the office was created by original Zaxir subject, Kilutabi, co-founder of the Zaxiri College.

no_image_available_charactersHib is a free-born citizen of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen, registered as scheduled in 2185, design Zaxir. Hib was raised by Dakol Perkad, a Ninth-Gen Subak Makodonic-Specialist, and her bond partners, Hizaki Ilox Tegal (bondship advocate); her birther and maker is Zaxir model, Hib Riga. Her sire was actor and male Po Brigitat (of Clan Brigitat, collected by Terminal Sabotage in 2207 after found to be hiding in the skin). Her sibox are Subaki Bulata Perkad (birthing nurse) and Po Perkad (col-tan specialist). Hib remains unbonded, but did deliver a registered donation to the Citizenry, Dak Perkad, a marixidoe birthed for sibling, Bulata, and her bonds, Ubo Gaz, a Bizak aquaponic engineer, and Zeer Holix, a Serntaxa.

At age 13, Hib was transitioned from Zaxiri House #40, to the Subaki Citizenry Center at Toks Terrace #8 . At 15, Hib and was escalated to a specialized curriculum at the Prime Genetics College in Mynu, and graduated with honors, with a Prime-Degree in Patch Design. Hib earned a doctorate in Applied Genetics, and went on to serve the Generational Production Department as a Patch Designer. In 2207, Perkad, along with fellow designer Yulata Gizul, isolated the genome that went on aid the Prime Lab in developing set caste-designations.Doctor Perkad was called before the Fifth Office, in 2211, after birthing her own donation, Doctor Perkad was called to provide testimony in an ongoing investigation into what became the Ilitux Scandal. After the production of the Eleventh Gen, Doctor Perkad went on to become the Secondary of Donational Birth and Registration, and eventually, the Prime of the Citizen’s Catalog.