Fos Tis is a Bakiprime in the Polar Air Command of Ramaxian World Oceans. Tis commands the Arkelon Class Carrier Jyrulix , stationed in the waters of the Axita’acarol (Atlantic Region).

no_image_available_3Tis is a scheduled born citizen of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen, born in 2185, design Marix. Tis was raised by her makers, a Bizak port-engineer named Obiz Tis, an Hizak maritime engineer named Turgat Ikax, two ZaxiriIlox Gurtax and her birther, Iltavi Gudo. Her Subak maker,Tibaz Su, died of surface sickness shortly after Tis and her only sibling, Subak Ozbitis, were born. Tis lived with her pod in Vanda until she left for caste-training at the age of eight, and lost all of her makers to the Sister Suicides. Tis remains unbonded, with one donation registered with hive Oligax.

As second standing Brooder at her Final Trial (along with Brooder Bam Yuxi), Tis was automatically recruited by the Sorority of Defense, but refused assignment to the Terminal Sabotage Division. Final Trialists turning down divisional assignment are placed in basic Fleet, or Polar Air, where they must remain in a non-ranking position for 10 years. Her excellent performance record, combined with her Final Trial placement, allowed Tis to cut this time in half, and in 2208, Tis served the Global Scan and Mapping division as a Donbakil, until 2216. Recruited to Aerial Pod Seven, Bakidon Tis served in the Striker Bay of PAC Jyrulix, and became Bakikom of Strike Clutch 2, in 2223. After the retirement of her commanding officer, Tis earned the rank of Bakiprime, and took control of the Jyrulix in 2227.