Deltad Polvix (del-tad | pole-vicks) is a Bakiprime in the Polar Air Command of Ramaxian World Oceans. Polvix commands the Arkelon Class Carrier Goruym, stationed in the domestic waters of the Ramx`atol (Weddell Sea), protecting the Antarctic West Islands.

no_image_available_3Polvix is a scheduled born citizen of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen, born in 2185, design Marix. Polvix grew up in the Greater Vanda home of her two Bizaki kerma, Bix Wiv and Atiko Polvix, owner operators of the Rixi Tribe hixiz bar, in Vanda. Deltad’s maker, Hizak geneticist Riga Litx was not bonded to Akito Polvix, though they patched up; Litx worked at Tib & Wram Constructs, in Toxis, but visited the Greater Vanda residence often, as she was also involved with Deltad’s Zaxir birther, Crixaba Tebi. Deltad’s primak was Subak Erzu Ras, her nestor along with Subak Paxi Holix. Deltad is the only Marix among four Zaxiri siblings, Pax Wiv, Atik Polvix, and Yuli and Rixi Tebi. Deltad remains unbonded, but has three donations to the citizenry.

Polvix finished her Final Trial the eighth standing, and because of her skill as a Delphic Pilot, earned the rank of Donbakil assigned to the esteemed Striker Clutch One. Opting to remain aboard the PAC Goruym after acquiring the rank of Bakikom, Polvix rose through the ranks to become the carrier’s Bakiprime in 2225.