bam_bodyBam Yuxi (bam | yuk-see) is a Promad in the Surface Operational Department of Ramaxian World Oceans. Yuxi is the Secondary (executive-officer) of Toxis Class Submarine Ramaxicol, and oversees Nautical Pods 1 & 2, stationed in the northern polar waters of the Ramaxatae.

Yuxi is a scheduled born citizen of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen, born in 2185, design Marix. Yuxi lived in the home of her kerma, Secondary-Chair of Marixi Administration, Hizak Tulat Yuxi, and her mako, the Prime of the Mynu Archeological Academy, Hizak Pik Jakix, and birther, the Zaxir Yuli Perkad. Yuxi and her three siblings, all Zaxiri, lived with their makers in Mynu, until Yuxi left for caste-training, at the age of eight. Yuxi was bonded Iba Ukel, the Hizak Prime Chair of Ukel Systems, and Hizak Fee Tat, an energist assigned to the Kyrsol Containment Sphere Center, at Greenland Hydrothermal. Yuxi has one donation registered with Oligax; stylist Bam Ukel, heir of Line Ukel.

Yuxi began her career assigned to the Surface Detachment leg of the Sorority of Defense, after being the second standing Brooder at her Final Trial (along with Brooder Fos Tis), against 1,500 other Marixi. In 2209, after her bond partner Fee Tat was killed in Igitat Tragedy, Yuxi requested a transfer to Orta Administration (assignment to the Sorority of Defense is a life-time service) to be with her remaining spouse and their newborn Bizakidoe. Yuxi was widowed again 2218, when Iba Ukel died of complications while undergoing an experimental therapy for hizaxikogatix. In light of losing both spouses, the SOD allowed Yuxi an honorary transfer to Surface Operational and the Polar Fleet; she was assigned to the TCS Ramaxicol, in 2220.