Femarctic Characters Tenth Gen

Supporting & Minor Characters of the Tenth Generation
-with Scenes and Dialogue | –Minor Character

Ziw Balru (zoo-way | b-all-roo) is a Podpromad in the Citizen’s Guard serving the Utamx Shores district of Utama. As the ancestral head of Clan Balru, she owns the iconic Balrupaxo (Balru Deli), and lives in the Balrudos (Balru Building), across the street from the Cloister. [S:1E:1]

Deltad Polvix (del-tad | pol-viks) is a Bakiprime in the Polar Air Command of Ramaxian World Oceans. [Full Bio] [S:1E:1]

Fos Tis (foss | tiss) is a Bakiprime in the Polar Air Command of Ramaxian World Oceans. [Full Bio] [S:1E:3]

Koba Julo (ko-bah | joo-low) is a former telecast journalist whose career focused on the Ninth Gen Committee’s use and abuse of power. A free-born Bizak, Julo is the current Prime of the interHive’s Channel RaMen. [Full Bio] [S2:E4]

Ilo Cux (eye-low | kuks) is a former actress and model, renowned for being the first free-born citizen to win Prime Citizen of Ramaxia. Ilo is discussed in passing by Eppis and Sofita in S:1E:2 during their reunion at Port Yukon. Ilo makes her debut in [S2:E4] [Full Bio]

Warixo Atiba (wer-iks-o | ateeba) is a Podkomad in the Cloister Service Battalion, and an agent of the Axyrn Division. Warixo is the security officer assigned to Citizenry Representative Eppis Banto. [S2:E4]

Hib Perkad (hib | per-kod) is the current Prime Chair of the Citizen’s Catalog and the Prime-Director of Donational Birth and Registration. During the conversation between Sofita and Pitana in S:1E:1, we learn that the Zaxir was almost bonded to Pitana Dag, and the pair have a donation together. Hib first appears with dialogue in S7:E16. [Full Bio]

Ozbi Tis (oz-bee | tiss) is the bond-partner of Vanda Prime Citizenry Representative Eppis Banto. We learn of Eppis’ love for Ozbi in S:1E:2, in relation to Eppis’ judgement of Velto Wram and Ilo Cux, for their waxami. Ozbi first appears in S2:E5. [Full Bio]

Bam Yuxi (bam | yuks-ee) is a Promad in the Surface Operational Department of Ramaxian World Oceans. When Fuzo Dox ponders Kul’s habitual reading in S:1E:1, we learn that Yuxi was the Marixi that taught young Fuzo to recognize words as one might pictures. Bam appears with dialogue in S2:E5. [Full Bio]

Zerix Julo (z-air-iks | jew-lo) is a Podpromad in the Ramaxian Custodial Detachment and commanding agent in the Axyrn Division. Zerix commands the Axyrn Citizenry Holdinglocated in the Cloister. | Ryoz Julo (r-eye-oz | jew-lo) is a Promad in the Surface Operational Department of Ramaxian World Oceans. She is the Secondary (executive officer) of Toxis Class Submarine Chironex and oversees Nautical Pod 3, stationed in the waters of the Raxuda`acarol (Pacific Ocean). [S2:E5] [Full Bios]

Pita Wex (pee-tah | weks) is a Bakiprime in the Polar Air Command of Ramaxian World Oceans. She commands the Arkelon Class Carrier Woxidat, stationed in the waters of the  Raxuta`acarol (Pacific Ocean). [Full Bio] [S2:E5]

Vaniav Gwo (van-ee-ave | goo-woh) is a Bakikom in the Polar Air Command of Ramaxian World Oceans. Assigned to Surface Operational in the northern polar waters of the Ramaxatae. Gwo is the prime operator of the fourth Ornith, Akadax, responsible for shuttling elite Axyrn prisoners to Isolation. [Full Bio] [S2:E5]

Dyb Kul, (dib | ‘kul) of Line Kul, is the current Prime Chair of Ramaxi Prime Credit. Once bonded to the deceased Pitasa Jyr, and Subak Ebi Tat, one-time secretary at Ukel Systems in Vanda, Dyb is the maker of Ebival Kul. [S2:E5]

Ixo Gizul (iks-o | giz-ool) is the Tenth-Gen Prime Chair of Marixi Administration, and thus Sernatae Second of the Ramaxian Cloister, making her Prime Administrator of the Axyrn Division. Ixo is an old friend of Sofita and Eppis, and is how Eppis enables Sofita access to ISO Secondary, in S:1E:3. Ixo appears with dialogue in S2:E5. [Full Bio]

Cruzo Tegal (kru-soh | tee-‘gal), Yegi Das (yah-‘gee | daz) [S2:E5], and Pel Jyr (p-el | yeer) are each Tenth Gen Hizak that service in the Cloister for the Pikalit Triad.