Tavo Ex (tah-voh | eks) is a former mental-health counselor nationally recognized for her examination of Femarctic Rape Culture. After losing her license to practice, Tavo entered into employment with the Office of Helovx Advocacy as a clerical aid.

Tavo is a scheduled born citizen of the Eleventh Ramaxian Gen, born in 2211, design Subak. Tavo grew up in Caste-Center #1 in Toxis. Her kermatic makers are the deceased Fusada Kul, and a citizen of unknown origin* as parsed by Oligax. Her maker and birther is Kul’s former bond-partner, celebrity Ilo Cux.

*Tavo Ex pulled her genetic information from the Citizen’s Catalogue in 2228.

Upon completion of her caste education in Toxis, Tavo enrolled in the Academy of Social Work, in Mynu. Tavo graduated at the top of her class, then went on to acquire a degree in Victim-Advocacy from the Ramaxian Behavioral College, her focus on Subaki and Zaxiri mental health. Tavo interned with local Guardia units in Toxis, caring for Subak victims of sexual assault, and during this time wrote her defining work, Subaki Toys.

Toys subjects matter, and its popularity, led to not only academic censure, but also a ban on distribution of the work, by Committee member Tee Banto. Unable to work as a mental-health counselor due to the suspension of her academic degree, Ex applied for low-level administrative assignment with the OHA.

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