Styba Balru (ztee-ba | ball-roo) is a Donmat in the Surface Operational Department of the Ramaxian World Oceans, where she serves in the Sorority of Defense as an operative of the Terminal Sabotage Division.

Balru is scheduled born citizen of the Eleventh Ramaxian Gen, born in 2211, design Marix. Balru grew up in the ancestral property of her kerma, Tenth-Gen Bizak, Kin Balru, and Kin’s sibling, Tenth-Gen Guardia Ziw Balru, in Utama, and lived there until the age of 7 (for those born in 2011, eighth year departure for caste training began a year early). Balru’s birther is unknown, but her maker is believed to be the deceased energist, the Tenth Gen, Hizak, Ergal Jakix. Balru is the last of Clan Balru (directly descended from the donation of original subject Balrusok, brought up in the house of Femitokon), while the wealthy Line Sok carries the genes of Balrusok’s Hizak sibling, Rutasok. Balru currently resides in Orta Barracks F-5, and remains unbonded.

Styba Balru acquired the rank of Dokomad in Jixak of 2228 for successfully completing a mission ordered by the Primary; the elimination of dissident Prime Chair, Uli Zag.

Balru was the Last-Standing brooder, in the last hour of her Final Trial against 2,396 other Marixi, of the Eleventh Ramaxian Gen.

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