riltav_bodyRiltav Gwo (reel-tov | goo-woh) is a surgeon and geneticist specializing in operative-energy sciences. Gwo is employed by the Prime Lab in Orta’s Biologics division.

At age 12, Gwo tested out of Level-Two Studies in Mynu and entered a specialized curriculum at the Mynu College of Genetics. At age 16 she acquired a degree in Neurological Genetics, and in 2228, earned doctorates in Applied Phasics and Operative Energy Systems.

Riltav Gwo is a scheduled born citizen of the Eleventh Ramaxian Gen, born in 2210, designation Hizak. Her Zaxir birther, Uvi Gwo, chose her from a blind patch combination and assigned her to her sibling, Fevi Gwo. Riltav was brought up at the opulent estate of Fevi, an Hizak and noted donation-psychologist. Fevi and her bond partners, Hizak Tee Gaz (a behavioral studies educator), and Subak Galx Acari (of Line Acari) raised three other scheduled Eleventh-Gen citizens, all Subaki: Ozavo and Ilo Acari, and Brifavi Gaz.

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