Pik Utat (pick| oo-tat) is life-form biotherapist at Orta Biologic and oversees the maturation and handling, of engineered ramxkul. Doctor Utat is also trained in the physical therapy of newly cyberized fleet life-forms. Pik is also notable for being the donation involved in the legal case of Citizen Utat vs. Ramaxian Donational Services.

no_image_available_charactersUtat was born of celebrity Ilo Cux, and collected by a Subak cosmetician named Yulia Utat (yool-ee-ah), and Bizak Riba Nox (ree-bah| noks), a PAC lifeform handler. Yulia brought newborn Pik home to live with her Zaxir lover Rez Polvix (ress | pole-viks), in Northeast Pikalit. Donational-Services stepped in after complaints from neighbors that Yulia and Rez were entertaining Marixi, violating the rules of the Shell Community. Upon their eviction, birther Ilo Cux helped secure a large bloom home for Riba in the Orta Civilian District so that Yuli, Rez, and young Pik could live with Riba

In 2214, legal representatives of celebrity Ilo Cux brought suit against Donational Services in Toxis for harassment of herself, and citizen Yulia Utat. Advocates for Cux produced evidence that Donational Services had hounded Cux monthly in their quest to remove the donation from Utat’s custody based on a myriad of nonsensical complaints. Utat bonded before proceedings began to citizen Nox and Polvix, and cementing her collection of the donation retroactively. The Guardia Committee in Toxis found for Cux, and halted donational services from contacting her again.

In 2216, the year Ilo Cux admitted to being a waxamist, Donational Services attempted to remove six-year-old Pik from the Orta Civilian District home of Utat, Nox, and Polvix on the grounds that Ilo Cux never had a right to give the donation to Utat, as an admitted waxamist. Nox, Utat, and Polvix, fought the summons and refused to give the donation up. After their arrest, Ninth-Gen Serntaxa Chal Sok, of the Orta Civilian District Guardia Committee, vacated the warrants issued out of Toxis by Donational Services, and quashed the collection order of young Pik on the grounds that Donational Services failure to vet Ilo Cux as a waxamist did not entitle them to subsequently remove a donation from the pod, six years after the fact.

After leaving to caste train in Pikalit at age ten, Pik Utat lived a quiet uneventful life despite the notoriety of the donational case. Pik transitioned to Mynu to study marine biology, and after graduating with a degree in Oceanic Studies, she returned to the Orta Civilian District to work in the Organic Constructs Lab at Orta Secondary. Pik joined the roster of Orta Biologic in 2227 as a life form handler at the Ramxtikon Center.

Pik is a scheduled citizen of the Eleventh Ramaxian Gen, design Bizak, born in 2211. Pik is the third of four donations born of Tenth-Gen Zaxir, Ilo Cux. Her kermatic maker is unknown.