obizbantoObiz Banto (oh-biss | ban-toh) is the newly hired Cloister-Advocate for recently elected Citizenry Representative of Utama, Velto Wram.

Banto graduated from Mynu in 2225 and earned a doctorate in Political Science in 2227 from the Mynu College of Political Science. Employed in the citizenry offices of Vanda Prime, Banto took part in the first work-study program offered by the Office of the Sernatae, allowing her to earn her Governance Degree in 2228.

Obiz is a scheduled citizen of the Eleventh Ramaxian Gen, design hizak, born in 2210. She is the first of two donations for CR of Vanda Prime, Eppis Banto, and her bond-partners, subak, Ozbi Tis, zaxir Acari Tol, of Clan Tol, and hizak Ibur Ru, of Line Ru.

Obiz is younger sibling is femveloki artist Fezil Banto (Bizak).