Fuzo Dox (foos-oh | doks) is a Donmat in the Surface Operational Department of the Ramaxian World Oceans, where she serves in the Sorority of Defense as an operative of the Femitokon Division.

Dox is scheduled born citizen of the Eleventh Ramaxian Gen, born in 2210, design Marix. Raised in a Caste Center in the city of Pikalit, she arrived in Orta at age 8, to begin her caste-training. Dox resides in Orta Barracks F-5, and remains unbondedCitizen’s Catalog information remains sealed by Oligax until viewed by Fuzo Dox.

Fuzo Dox acquired the rank of Dokomad in Jixak (August), 2228 for trying to protect former Prime-Citizen Ilo Cux from an attack by helovx prior to the Slavic Empire Incident of 2228.

  • Fuzo Dox was the second Brooder standing in the last hour of her Final Trial against 2,396 other Marixi, of the Eleventh Ramaxian Gen.

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