no_image_available_charactersFezil Banto (fes-ill | ban-tow) is a popular hide-stain artist, and femveloki (singer-songwriter), playing lead b’do for the Marxvel band, Vanda Scourge.  Her official employ is with Collective Maintenance.

Educated in Pikalit, Fezil graduated from the Ramaxian College of Art in 2228, with a Secondary Degree in Illustration. Fezil began staining-hides for Zaxiri that would attend Marxvel shows in Northeast Pikalit’s rowdy ‘Tharspux’ district. Fezil founded the Vanda Scourge, a Marxvel band, unique because Fezil, as its lead Bizak singer, refrains from employing the Pikavel rhymes and rhythms, popular with her caste. Fezil is an avowed ‘Sixer’ (nudist), often performing citbluz shows without clothes, displaying her various full body hide-stains.

Fezil is a scheduled citizen of the Eleventh Ramaxian Gen, design Bizak, born in 2211. She is the second of two donations for CR of Vanda Prime, Eppis Banto, and her bond-partners, Subak, Ozbi Tis, Zaxir Acari Tol, of Clan Tol, and Hizak Ibur Ru, of Line Ru. Fezil’s elder sibling is Cloister Aid Obiz Banto (Hizak).

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